Winter 23/24 Dressage League Results

The Winter Dressage League for 23/24 has passed very quickly once more.  The worthy winners of the league classes are all listed below. Quite a number of qualifying competitors unfortunately were unable to make it to the final, so the winners list is not as long as it could have been. But this takes nothing away from those that have been awarded the top spots. Well done everyone and we look forward to seeing you back to progress through our Summer Dressage League which is set to get underway on the 12th May.

Class 1 – Walk/Trot

1st Monard Rose, Cathy Longstaff, 214.79; 2nd Marvin, Hannah Kernohan, 204.56; 3rd Betsy, Leanne Adams, 204.35; 4th Jupiter, Alice Lutton, 201.96; 5th Beaut Lightning, Ashley Wray, 200.87; 6th Jack, Emily Honan, 199.57.

Class 2 – Prelim A

1st Dargento, Emily McNally, 201.73; 2nd Casper, Hannah Kernohan, 198.83; 3rd Jeeves, Holly Hanvey, 198.62; 4th Blaze Tempo, Anne Hill, 189.36; 5th Harry, Hannah Kernohan, 194.67.

Class 3 – Prelim B

1st Strictly Dancing, Rebecca Millar, 207.92; 2nd Clady Water Jay Jay, Kelly Gray, 206.65; 3rd Echo, Joanna McNamee, 200.43; 4th Ossie Man, Alara Terak, 200.22.

Class 4 – Prelim C

No qualifiers forward.

Class 5 – Novice

1st Dunore Fast and Furious, Jacqui Lewis, 197.37.

Class 6 – Open

1st Dunore Fast and Furious (Nov), Jacqui Lewis, 196.06.

Class 7 – Pony Club

1st Casper (PC70), Hannah Kernohan, 209.60; 2nd Casper (PC80), Hannah Kernohan, 202.71.