18-06-21  Summer Dressage League (1 of 4) – 20.6.21
Sunday 20th June and the start of the Summer Dressage League, seems like only a few weeks ago since the Winter League finished!!! We have been totally blown away by the entries for this competition. So many that I have a few riders waiting on a reserve list to see if they too can be […]
10-06-21  Yvette Truesdale Flatwork Clinic
Delighted to say that Yvette Truesdale is returning for her popular flatwork clinic again at Laurel View on Sunday 27th June. All enquiries and bookings for this clinic should be made through Norma on 07831 141269 at your earliest opportunity. As is now the norm we ask that all participants are aware of and abide […]
01-06-21  Special Dressage League Results
Drum roll please for the wonderful winners of our special classes for our Laurel View Riding School competitors, Liveries and Staff. These have been calculated using the average scores of any Laurel View participant who competed more than once during the 2020/2021 Winter Dressage League.  We enjoy encouraging some competition among the Laurel View riders, […]
30-05-21  Winter 20/21 Dressage League Results
The league started in October 2020, with things rather different to comply with the prevailing covid restrictions. Competition days were long with only one arena running, with us having to reluctantly cap entries to get the competition over in daylight. January and February competitions had to be cancelled and the original March final postponed as […]
30-05-21  Winter Dressage League Final – 30.5.21
So on the hottest day of the year to date Laurel View ran the final of the 2020/21 Winter Dressage League. I had hoped to post the results as I went along but brain and computer malfunctions managed to put me off track somewhat. But here we go now, with the results from a fab […]
28-05-21  Winter Dressage League Final – 30.5.21
At long last we are running the final of our Winter Dressage League. Better late than never. This time we are running the tests in the two indoor arenas, with the warm up for all in the outdoor sand. To try and relieve congestion in the car parks, we will hopefully park cars in the […]
15-05-21  Summer Dressage League (1 of 4) – 20.6.21
We are starting our Summer Dressage League a month late this year, as we had to fit in a rather late rescheduled final to our Winter Dressage League. So here are the tests on the schedule, just send the entries through by noon on Thursday 17th June. 🙂  Class 1: BD Intro A (08) – […]
30-04-21  Winter Dressage League Final – 30.5.21!!!
So the end of May is rather late for the final of the 2020/2021 Winter Dressage League, but hopefully a case of better late than never. What a Winter we have all had, but we did manage to run 3 competitions in October, November and December. As we were not able to run the January […]
30-04-21  Yvette Truesdale Flatwork Clinic
We are delighted to have Yvette Truesdale back for another flatwork clinic at Laurel View on Saturday 22nd May. All enquiries and bookings for this clinic should be made through Norma on 07831 141269 at your earliest opportunity. We ask that all participants are aware of and abide by all the current Covid 19 guidelines […]
25-04-21  Mid Antrim PC Open 2 Phase
Mid Antrim Pony Club are holding their Annual Two Phase Event at Laurel View on Sunday 16th May 2021 🙂    This competition will be open to everyone, not just Pony Club members.   EVENTS: 1 – 70cm 2 Phase (SJ & XC) 2 – 85cm 2 Phase (SJ & XC) 3 – 1m 2 […]