17-09-18  Summer Dressage League
And so another successful Summer Dressage League concludes at Laurel View. Unusually we had quite a lot of sunny days during this Summer League, but the competitive atmosphere was always warm and encouraging, no matter whether the big yellow globe in the sky was visible or not. Massive thanks to all the competitors and their […]
16-09-18  Summer Dressage League (5 of 5) – 16.9.18
Incredibly we have reached the concluding competition of another Dressage League at Laurel View. Huge thanks to everyone who has played a part in the league, be it competing, being a part of the competitors crew, judges, scribes, call up, runners,  scorers and arena prep team. You have all helped to make it yet another […]
14-09-18  Summer Dressage League (5 of 5) – 16.9.18
Slipping these up a little earlier today, as I have a plane to catch, but don’t worry all being well I will be back for this the final of our Summer Dressage League 🙂  As ever I have done my very best to accommodate competitors various requests so hopefully your allocated times will work for […]
02-09-18  Summer Show – 2.9.18
The 2018 Summer Show passed off very well, a good crowd of competitors came to take part and give the many classes their very best shot. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, even those that didn’t end up with the trophies. Even the weather was very obliging, with no rain and just the right amount […]
27-08-18  Derby Day – 26.8.18
Plan A was to run the Derby Day on grass, Plan B was to move to the all weather sand arena if the ground conditions weren’t suitable, but we had to revert to Plan C, bringing the competition all indoors. Everyone was very glad that we had an indoor option when they arrived to Laurel […]
25-08-18  XC Go As You Please – 29.8.18
Another midweek date for a cross country go as you please. The ground is in grand order so why not come along and have a good cross country session. The course will be open between 4.30pm – 8.30pm all being well. Hats & body protectors meeting current standards must be worn, riders must be a minimum of […]
25-08-18  Yvette Truesdale lessons – 23.9.18
Another opportunity to take a lesson with International Dressage Rider, Yvette Truesdale. Private or shared lessons possible. For booking enquiries please contact Norma on 07831 141269.
25-08-18  Derby Day – 26.8.18
12.30pm start for our Derby Day which is now being ran indoors due to excessive precipitation expected. The course is made up of a variety of SJ, WH & XC style fences over 45cm, 60cm, 70cm, 85cm and 1 metre courses. £12 per entry (or 2 for £20 – same horse/rider combination) Sound like fun? […]
19-08-18  Summer Dressage League (4 of 5) – 19.8.18
The rain had done it’s worst overnight, to leave the competitors at Laurel View with a pleasant enough day to put their best hoof forward. Thanks to one and all for their support, to judges and scribes for their time and experise and to all those that set up and ran the show once again. […]
17-08-18  Summer Dressage League (4 of 5) – 19.8.18
The penultimate competition in the Summer League already at Laurel View. Time just keeps on flying by!! Here we go with the times for the fourth leg of the league. As ever if your allocated time doesn’t suit please give us a shout to see if we can help you out and if you aren’t […]