16-02-20  Winter Dressage League (6 of 6) – 15.3.20
Madness, soon it will be March and time for the final of the Laurel View Winter 2019/2020 Dressage League. Here are the tests on the schedule, we would love to see lots of qualifiers attending to vie for the league prizes, but all are most welcome, whether or not you  have qualified by riding at […]
16-02-20  Winter Dressage League (5 of 6) – 16.2.20
Well Storm Dennis, you only managed to keep 2 competitors away and for most of the time we had a bright but cold day. I am sure everyone will be glad to get back to their nice warm homes/stables, but all in all it turned out to be a good day from dressage at Laurel […]
14-02-20  Winter Dressage League (5 of 6) – 16.2.20
Who knows whether Storm Dennis will be in attendance at Sunday’s dressage competition, but to try to avoid the worst of any storm  we have arranged this months times all in one arena, so that competitors can warm up and compete all indoors, making it much more comfortable conditions for all. I’ve tried my best […]
02-02-20  Winter Working Hunter Show – 02.02.2020
The Laurel View Winter Working Hunter Show run on a once in a century palindrome date, proved to be quite a day! Never mind reading the date backwards and forwards, I feel that my head has been turned inside out! Massive respect to our Judge for the day, Ryan Anderson, who kept things moving on […]
28-01-20  Stage 1 Training – 23.2.20
The first BHS course of 2020 to get underway is the Stage 1. Details below 🙂 If you are interested in this or perhaps our Summer course get in touch at laurelview01@btinternet.com
28-01-20  Stage 2 Teach Training – 14.3.20
This Stage 2 Teach Training now gets underway on Saturday 14th March. All the details of the reformatted course are detailed on the download below. Get in touch if you have your Stage 1 & 2 all completed (or the equivalent) and want to take the next step towards teaching. Stage-2-Teach-Training-Course-App-2020 reformatted
28-01-20  Ride Safe Training – 15.3.20
The Spring Ride Safe Training course commences at Laurel View on Sunday 15th March, check out the course details below and if you haven’t already been in touch please let Linda know at laurelview01@btinternet.com if you are interested. Ride Safe Training Course Spr 20
28-01-20  Stage 1 Assessment – 8.4.20
The Spring Stage 1 Assessment day is planned for Wednesday 8th April. A course in preparation for this assessment, runs from 23rd February – 23rd March. To sign up for the training download an application form from our Training Courses page or email Linda at laurelview01@btinternet.com
28-01-20  Ride Safe Assessment – 9.4.20
The first Ride Safe Assessment of 2020 is set for Thursday 9th April.  Details of the Ride Safe training course preceding this assessment is included on our Training courses page.
28-01-20  Stage 3 Training – 3.5.20
The planned start date for the Stage 3 Training course at Laurel View, the course details are included below. Anyone interested should forward the application form to Linda at laurelview01@btinternet.com Stage-3-Application-Form-2020