Special Winter 23/24 Dressage League Results

Drumroll please as I announce the winners of our special competitions.

First the Riding School competition, these results reward our Riding School riders who compete on the Laurel View Riding School horses and ponies.  Their position is worked out using the average of their scores throughout the winter league. Many of these riders took home ribbons in their respective classes during the league also. Excellent work everyone.

Riding School Competition (Average through league)

1st Caoimhe Scullion, Ben & Kenzie (Classes 1, 2 & PC70), 69.28; 2nd Emily McNally, Dargento (Classes 2 & FTM), 67.74; 3rd Sarah-Grace Blelock, Ben (Class 1), 66.41; 4th Holly Hanvey, Copper & Jeeves (Classes 1 & 2), 65.98; 5th Lorraine Cardwell, Barney (Classes 1 & 3), 65.42; 6th Emily Honan, Jack (Class 1), 65.35.

Then we also work out which of the Laurel View staff and liveries come out on top after all their scores are totted up. Some took quite a bit of adding up, particularly Hannah Kernohans, as she rode a total of 18 tests over 5 of the league competitions! Go Hannah 🙂 This is how the winners list looks.

Laurel View Staff/Livery Competition (Average through league)

1st Katie Watt, Hugo (Class 1), 71.41; 2nd Zara Jones, Lady & Sweet Lady of Mystery (Classes 1, PC80 & FTM), 69.34; 3rd Hannah Kernohan, Casper, Harry, Marvin & Sweet Lady of Mystery (Classes 1, 2, PC70, PC80 & FTM), 67.75; 4th Anna Kelly, Lily (Class 1), 67.06; 5th Alice Lutton, Barney, Johnny & Jupiter (Class 1), 66.52; 6th Ashley Wray, Beaut Lightning (Class 1), 66.12.