Read on to keep up to date with the upcoming competitions and events.

Please remember that all Laurel View competitions are pre entry now


Winter Dressage League 2023/2024

Click & download the full Winter Dressage schedule below.

Winter Dressage League 2023 -2024

Winter Dressage League dates are Sundays 1st October, 12th November, 10th December (Charity Show), 14th January, 11th February and 10th March.


Easter Show

Sunday 7th April

Hop on the link below for the schedule of obstacle course & show jumping classes

Easter Show 24 Schedule


Working Hunter Show

Sunday 21st April

A full range of classes for horses and ponies



Summer Dressage League 2024

Click below to download the Summer Dressage schedule.

Summer Dressage League 2024

Summer Dressage League dates are Sundays 12th May, 2nd June, 7th July, 4th August and 8th September.


Planning even further ahead 🙂 Here are the proposed dates for the first half of the Winter 24/25 Dressage League

Winter Dressage League dates are Sundays 6th October, 10th November, 8th December (Charity Show) continuing in January, February & March 25.