Phased reintroduction of riding sessions

With the easing of government restrictions, we have been gradually reintroducing some horse riding sessions. 

We have been busy putting protocols in place to ensure the safety of yourselves, our staff and other clients.

We really appreciate your patience and know you will observe any directives we have put in place to enable you or your child to get back to riding at Laurel View.

Since the 15th of June we have only booked in our existing competent and independent riders who were able to mount, adjust their stirrups and horse’s girth and dismount all without assistance. From the 3rd of August we are starting to welcome back some of our other hour group riders who just require some assistance with these skills.

We regret that at this time all riders requiring more assistance cannot be accommodated due to social distancing restrictions, but we are working on this.

Sessions currently run daily  Mon – Fri with times varying between 11.00am, 3.30pm & 4.30pm & on Sat presently at 11.00am & noon & on Sun at 2.30pm.

From 3rd August we are planning initially four sessions as follows to accommodate the 2nd phase of riders returning, which are Mon at 4.30pm, Wed at 2.30pm, Fri at 4.30pm and Sat at 2.30pm.

For the 1st phase riders to return rides commence and finish in the outdoor arena, venturing out onto the hacking track and fields, escorted by a qualified instructor, with the assistance of another staff member.

The 2nd phase of riders will remain in the arena for the duration of their session, please note sessions are predominantly ran in the outdoor arena, so please dress appropriate for the weather conditions.

Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes allowing for mounting, a ½ hour hack/ride lesson and dismount.

The horses are currently quite unfit so rides will be conducted at an easy pace until they (and the riders) are ready to do a bit more.

The cost is £22.50 per rider. All sessions must be booked and paid at least 24 hours in advance. Please note the usual cancellation policy applies.

Enquiries about availability should be emailed to in the first instance.

**Please note all riders will be required to provide their own riding hat, boots and gloves.**

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** Please download, print and complete Rider Registration Form**

Rider Registration Form 2020



Information below on the range of lessons offered at Laurel View as and when more regular riding activities can resume.

Regular weekly group horse riding lessons are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings, with lessons all day on a Saturday.

The group lessons include half hour lead rein lessons to suit children from 6 years of age, as well as beginner adult lessons, then progressing through to lessons to cater for the  experienced rider.

Please note a maximum rider weight of 16st is applicable.

**One off riding lessons are possible, depending on availability, just ring in advance to book.** 

Please note increase in lesson prices applicable from 1/4/20

All lessons must be pre-paid

Group Lessons

The initial 1/2 hour lesson is £24, then the cost is £18.25 for a lead rein 1/2 hour lesson attended weekly and paid at least a week in advance (otherwise £24 for fortnightly/occasional),

£22.50 for an hour lesson attended weekly and paid at least a week in advance (otherwise £28 for  fortnightly/occasional)*

Private Lessons

Private and semi private horse riding lessons can also be arranged (Monday – Saturday dependent on availability), either on riding school horses or the students own horse/pony.

The cost of a 45 minute private lesson on a riding school horse/pony is £45, while the cost for a 30 minute private lead rein/beginner or assessment lesson is £35.00.

45 minute Semi Private lessons (2 riders) can also be arranged at a cost of £35 per rider or for 3 riders at a cost of £30 per rider on a riding school horse/pony.


A £10 reduction in the cost is applied if the student rides their own horse/pony in the private lesson.


Special rate for Adult beginner horse riding package only £100 for 3 x 1/2 hour sessions – only available Monday – Friday between 10.30am and 3pm.


** Hats and boots are available to borrow free of charge. **  All riders are currently required to provide their own riding hat and boots 


All ride times include mounting and dismounting time.


* Cancellation Policy

There is a £5 cancellation charge if you cancel a lesson after booking your space, no matter the notice or reason given.  

Please note the £5 is waived if you can attend another lesson in the same week.


For groups wishing to experience horse/pony riding together please contact the centre to discuss costs and possibilities.


If you are interested in riding lessons at the centre, then please complete and forward the Lesson Enquiry Form below.

Riding Lesson Enquiry Form

Once a lesson has been organised, if you want to be save time when you book in, then just download and complete this Rider Registration Form.

Rider Registration Form 2020