Summer Show 2015 – 13.9.15

What a wonderful day! Lots of lovely competitors came from all over the province to take part in our annual Summer Show on 13th September 2015, making all the preparation and work worthwhile. Even better still the sun came out to play and stayed for most of the day, making the day even more pleasant. Loads of shiny trophies and frilly rosettes were presented to the many worthy winners. Read on to see who the winners were 🙂




Class 1 – Horses (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Winnie, Judith Templeton.

Class 2 – Ponies (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Diamond, Amy Nevins; 2nd Rocky, Grace Morton; 3rd Thor, Anna Jackson; 4th Beau, Jenna Reid.

Class 3 – Horses (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Jack Daniels, Rachel Ferguson; 2nd Rab, Sarah Saied; 3rd Archie, Fiona McRobert; 4th Magic, Claire Robinson; 5th Winnie, Judith Templeton.

Class 4 – Ponies (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Lemon, Lauren Hill; 2nd Sammy, Samantha Billing; 3rd Big Show, Hannah Schnell.

Class 5 – Horses (Fences max. 80cms)

1st Maya, Sarah Sproule; 2nd Cherry, Kirsten Patterson; 3rd Lily, Alison Larkham; 4th Bella, Edana Butler; 5th Schumi, Simon Wylie.

Class 6 – Ponies (Fences max. 80cms)

None finished.

Class 7 – Horses (Fences max. 95cms)

1st Schumi, Simon Wylie.

Class 8 – Ponies (Fences max. 95cms)

None forward.




Classes 9 – Horses (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Dusk, Abbi Gill.

Classes 10 – Ponies (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Thor, Samantha Billing; 2nd Lilly, Anna McErlean; 3rd Jack, Sam Jackson; 4th Rocky, Grace Morton.

Classes 11 – Horses (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Martini, Rebecca Gillen; 2nd Rab, Sarah Saied; 3rd Magerbans Star Gazer, Grace-Ann Elliott; 4th Jimmy Choo, Roberta Bradbury; 5th Archie, Fiona McRobert; 6th Millie, Katy Clarke.

Class 12 – Ponies (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Sammy, Samantha Billing; 2nd Silver, Katie Mann; 3rd Holiday Candlelight, Grace Murray; 4th Duffy, Skye Dawson.

Class 13 – Horses (Fences max. 80cms)

1st Shannon, Kerry Gilmore; 2nd Sly, Rachel Rafferty; 3rd Kenzi, Orla Carmichael; 4th Jack, Fiona McRobert; 5th Star Diva, Sarah Bailie; 6th Storm, Mary Hegarty.

Class 14 – Ponies (Fences max. 80cms)

1st Apache Dove, Shauna McVeigh; 2nd Holiday Candlelight, Christine Murray; 3rd Hannah Schnell, Big Show.

Class 15 – Horses (Fences max. 95cms)

1st Bella, Edana Butler; 2nd Annaghs Prince, Katie McDonnell; 3rd Star Diva, Sarah Bailie.

Class 16 – Ponies (Fences max. 95cms)

1st Apache Dove, Shauna McVeigh.




Class 17 – Over 14.2hh

1st Magerbans Star Gazer, Grace-Ann Elliott; 2nd Mighty Marty, Louise Delaney.

Class 18 – 14.2hh & under

1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Riverdale Lad, Lucy Bailie; 3rd Rocky, Grace Morton; 4th Beau, Jenna Reid; 5th Holiday Candlelight, Grace Murray.

Class 19 – Assisted

1st Alfie Moon, Lexy Dawson; 2nd Mojo, Emma Hosick; 3rd Mojo, Amy Hosick; 4th Scooby, Georgie Ferguson.

Class 20 – Handler (obstacle course in hand)

1st Holiday Candlelight, Grace Murray; 2nd Rocky, Grace Morton; 3rd Oreo, Amy Nevins; 4th Riverdale Lad, Lucy Bailie; 5th Magerbans Star Gazer, Grace-Ann Elliott.




Class 21 – Coloured – over 14.2hh

1st Slemish Young Glory, Katie Scott; 2nd Happy Chappy, Kathy Buchanan; 3rd Fairy Lodge Gold, Lauren Bell; 4th Splashdance, Gillian Steenson; 5th Jack Daniels, Rachel Ferguson; 6th Mighty Marty, Louise Delaney.

Class 22 – Coloured – 14.2hh & under

1st Lily, Vicky Marsden; 2nd Lenamore Gucci, Bethany Christie; 3rd Scooby, Georgie Ferguson.



Winners Cup donated by Artie Faulkner

Champion – Slemish Young Glory, Katie Scott

Reserve Champion – Lily, Vicky Marsden


Class 23 – Ridden Horse

1st Ballylinn Ben, Darryl McKinney; 2nd Redwood Silver Slipper, Leonie O’Gorman; 3rd Tik Tak Sally, Sammy Workman; 4th Mon Ami, Katie Scott; 5th Cognac, Laura McDermott; 6th Splashdance, Gillian Steenson.

Class 24 – Ridden Cob

1st Winnie, Jennifer Christie; 2nd Pepper, Leah McDermott; 3rd Diamond, Amy Nevins; 4th Mighty Marty, Louise Delaney.

Class 25 – Ridden Pony

1st Jananda My Valentine, Amy Tubman; 2nd Thor, Anna Jackson; 3rd Angus, Sophie McAllister; 4th Sha Khan, Joy Hegarty; 5th Riverdale Lad, Lucy Bailie; 6th Lilly, Anna McErlean.

Class 26 – Lead Rein

1st Timmy, Charlotte McAllister; 2nd Rab, Mya Clarke; 3rd Thor, Daniel Crawford.

Class 27 – First Ridden

1st Jack, Sam Jackson; 2nd Rocky, Grace Morton; 3rd Lenamore Gucci, Bethany Christie; 4th Riverdale Lad, Lucy Bailie; 5th Angus, Sophie McAllister.