Just Jumping – 6.9.15

Another cracking wee day for jumping and it would seem a great day for the Graces as they monopolised the 45cm results and took the top spot in the 50cm class too, well done to all these young ladies and indeed to all the others listed for their prize winning performance.




1st Rocky, Grace Morton; 2nd William, Grace Hancock; 3rd Charlie, Gracie Bright; 4th Barnaby, Anna Magee; 5th Lilly, Anna McErlain; 6th Supersplash, Mya McCullough.



1st Rocky, Grace Morton; 2nd Jake, Toby Davison; 3rd Barnaby, Anna Magee; 4th Lilly, Anna McErlain; 5th Marley, Chloe Baxter; 6th Peggy, Niamh Sloan.



1st Daisy, Emma Irwin; 2nd Tally, Monica Conlon; 3rd Clover, Jodie Shaw; 4th Cindy, Zara Davis; 5th Barney, Robert Robinson; 6th Milly, Katy Clarke.



1st Cassie, Coral Logue; 2nd Millie, Katy Clarke; 3rd Martini, Rebecca Gillen; 4th Clover, Jodie Shaw; 5th Addy, Sophie McGuckin.



1st Cassie, Coral Logue; 2nd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 3rd Silver, Kate Spence; 4th Annaghs Prince, Katie McDonnell.



1st Jamara, Michaela Murphy; 2nd Annaghs Prince, Katie McDonnell.