Spring Show Jumping League – 13.3.13

Second night of the Spring Show Jumping League and another good turnout of competitors, enthusiastic about taking advantage of the indoor riding space afforded in Laurel View’s two indoor arenas.  Who is clocking up the most points to set them up well in the league. Don’t worry if you haven’t notched up a few points yet, there is still plenty of time.


Show Jumping League – 13.3.13



1st Mia’s Girl, Connie Jordan.



1st Barney, Eva McClurg; 2nd Guinness, Abi Gill; 3rd Joanne Milne, Laurel View Bridget; 4th Lorraine Irwin, Laurel View Sky.



1st Addy, Sophie McGuckin; 2nd Peter, Josh Boyles; 3rd Penny, Katie McClay; 4th Chief, Cora McNulty; 5th Barney, Eva McClurg.



1st Peter, Josh Boyles; 2nd Rosie, Emma Brady; 3rd Tinker, Paula Alexander; 4th Misty, Alan Cole.



1st Tiffany, Sophie Donnell; 2nd Tom, Katie McClay; 3rd Shadow, Kerry McCloskey; 4th Rosie, Emma Brady; 5th Misty, Alex Ryan.



1st Misty, Alex Ryan; 2nd Diamond, Philip Cole.