Spring Show Jumping League – 6.3.13

Perhaps in hindsight Spring isn’t the best title for this league, but maybe now it is showing signs of peeping through from under the snow!! The league continues weekly on Wednesday evenings, starting with the 40cm at 6pm, before proceeding from 60cm to a metre. First back to the start of the league for the first evenings results.

Show Jumping League – 6.3.13


40cm – No entries forward


60cm – 1st Chief, Cora McNulty; 2nd Bella, Stephen Petticrew; 3rd Star, Jim Taylor.


70cm – 1st Jimmy Choo, Roberta Bradbury; 2nd Penny, Katie McClay; 3rd River, Judith Reid; 4th Sugar, Charlotte Leslie; 5th Peter, Josh Boyles; 6th Redwood, Margo McClure.


80cm – 1st Rosie, Emma Brady; 2nd Sugar, Charlotte Leslie; 3rd Peter, Josh Boyles; 4th Misty, Alan Cole; 5th River, Judith Reid; 6th Marvin, Kerry Taylor.


90cm – 1st Shadow, Kerry McCluskey; 2nd Tom, Katie McClay.


1m – 1st Diamond, Philip Cole, 2nd Cora, Jackie Hanna.