Spring Show Jumping League – 20.3.13

Looking back now it seems this may well have been the calm before the storm.  Less than 24 hours later the roller door on the smaller indoor arena was “slightly” rearranged as it was buffeted with the wind that preceded the snow storms that were still to come. 🙁 But on the 20th March jumping proceeded as normal for Wednesday evenings in Spring at Laurel View.  Here are the results for this the third competition in the league.

Show Jumping League – 20.3.13



1st Maxwell Town Miles, Alex McMaster; 2nd Mia’s Girl, Connie Jordan.



1st Thizbee, Megan Ingram; 2nd Barney, Eva McClurg.



1st Chance, Sarah Cuthbertson; 2nd Peter, Josh Boyles; 3rd Barney, Eva McClurg.



1st Tinker, Paula Alexander; 2nd Peter, Josh Boyles; 3rd Addy, Sophie McGuckin.



1st Rosie, Emma Brady; 2nd Hector, Alice Agnew; 3rd Bella, Edana Butler



1st Hector, Alice Agnew