Show Jumping Points League (11 of 12)

11 Down, only 1 to go, of the Wednesday evening Show Jumping Points League at Laurel View. The final is planned for 21st December, everyone is welcome to compete on the night, but is only those that have collected the most points throughout the league that are in with a chance of taking home the league prizes.

Results 14.12.11 (11 of 12)

40cms: 1st Pugsy, Annie Courtney Cadam; 2nd Busby, Alex Murphy; 3rd Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley; 4th Jay Jay, Elisha McNama; 5th Sally, Jordan Magill; 6th Laurel View Marley, Christine Smyth.

60cms: 1st Rupert, Penny Murphy;  2nd Inishcara, Zena Martin; 3rd Sha Khan, Edana Butler; 4th Laurel View Rab, Sophie McGuckin; 5th Tinker, Joshua Boyles; 6th Cupid, Fiona Tiffney.

70cms: 1st Woodie, Katie McKay; 2nd Molly, Roberta Bradbury; 3rd Sha Khan, Edana Butler; 4th Middie, Amy Neill; 5th Izzy, Amy Neill; 6th Magic, Claire Robinson..

80cms: 1st Woodie, Katie McKay; 2nd Maguire, Victoria Minford.

90cms:1st Wendy, Laura Warde; 2nd Maguire, Victoria Minford.