Show Jumping Points League (10 of 12)

Shocking how quickly time is going by, so fast I nearly forgot to post these results from last Wednesday night. Who will be at the top of the league on Wednesday 21st???

Results 7.12.11

40cms: 1st Pugsy, Annie Courtney Cadam; 2nd Busby, Alex Murphy; 3rd Mickey Mouse, Eva McClurg; 4th Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley; 5th Mia’s Girl, Nick Jordan; 6th Sally, Jordan Magill.

60cms: 1st Molly, Roberta Bradbury; 2nd Inishcara, Zena Martin; 3rd Tinker, Joshua Boyles; 4th Scout; Laura McKay, 5th Rupert, Penny Murphy; 6th Skye, Ellie Ross.

70cms: 1st Polo; Sam Ewing; 2nd Woodie, Katie McClay; 3rd Flash; Sam Ewing, 4th Biscuit; Rachel McGookin; 5th Skye, Ellie Ross; 6th Buddy, Amy Jenkins.

80cms: 1st Jenna, Natasha Henderson; 2nd Maguire, Victoria Minford; 3rd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 4th Biscuit, Rachel McGookin; 5th Huey, Kelly McDonald.

90cms:1st Jenna, Natasha Henderson; 2nd Wendy, Laura Warde; 3rd Maguire; Victoria Minford.

1m: 1st Western Independent, Anne Sheridan.