Riding School Christmas Show – 17.12.11

First for Frosty at Festive Show

The Christmas Spirit was present in abundance at the Laurel View Riding School Christmas Show on Saturday 17th December.

A fantastic fourteen teams pulled together to give a cracker performance.  Each team had four enthusiastic members jumping over the 40cm, 55cm or 70cm courses.  Team members included riding school pupils, staff, helpers, liveries, Santa & Mrs Claus, Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman!

Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and Non Alcoholic Hot Apple Punch kept the spectators warm from the inside out, putting them in good form to cheer along the competitors.

The top two teams went clear all the way, so in the end Brian McFall on General was just a shake of a reindeer’s tail faster over the 70cm course than Caitlin McFarlane on Bridget.

Everybody went home with a little festive something with the top four teams taking home an extra wee Christmas Present each.

The results from this festive fun day were: –

1st Team

Valerie Corr, Sky, 40cm; Joy Heggarty, Darcy, 55cm; Frosty the Snowman (aka Eileen McLaughlin), Sky, 55cm and Brian McFall, General, 70cm.

2nd Team

Diane Sefton, Bridget, 40cm; Chloe Baxter, Roly, 40cm; Joshua Boyles, Tinker, 55cm and Caitlin McFarlane, Bridget, 70cm.

3rd Team

Emma Blair, Paddy, 40cm; Katie McDonnell, Guinness, 55cm; Emma Louise Gourley, Jeronamo, 55cm and Christine Ramsey, Tinker, 70cm.

4th Team

Leah Baird, Roly, 40cm; Amy McCready, Roly, 55cm; Gemma Ferguson, Chief, 55cm and Abi Gill, Guinness, 70cm.

5th Team

Simon Wylie, Tinker, 40cm; Lucy McMahon Beattie, Sparky, 40cm; Seaneen Keenan, Roly, 55cm and Emma Anderson, Tally, 70cm.

6th Team

Claudia Marshall, Tyson, 40cm; Cora McNulty, Chief, 40cm; Penny Richard, Roly, 55cm and Amy Neill, George, 70cm.