Show Jumping Points League Final – 21.12.11

The Winter 2011 Show Jumping Points League proved very popular with great numbers of competitors throughout the 12 week league.  The finale took place on Wednesday 21st December, with the mulled wine and non alcoholic apple warmer on tap again the festive fun was still in abundance at Laurel View.  The points accumulated throughout the league decided who was likely to be in the running for the league prizes.  Points for the placings on the night were added to the total throughout the league to end up with the finalists named below.

Results 21.12.2011

40cms: 1st Pugsy, Annie Courtney Cadam; 2nd Busby, Alex Murphy; 3rd Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley: 4th Jay Jay, Alisha McNama; 5th Laurel View Sparky, Holly McKeown; 6th Willow, Laura O’Donnell.

40cms Points League Placing:1st Busby, Alex Murphy; 2nd Pugsy, Annie Courtney Cadam; 3rd Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley:4th Chief, Cora McNulty; 5th equal Laurel View Sparky, Holly McKeown and Jay Jay, Elisha McNama.

60cms: 1st Sweetberry, Robyn Coulter: 2nd Inishcara, Zena Martin; 3rd Scout, laura McKay; 4th Tyrone, Georgina McBride; 5th Skye, Ellie Ross; 6th Tinker, Joshua Boyles.

60cms Points League Placing:1st Inishcara, Zena Martin; 2nd Laurel View Rab, Sophie McGukin and Mister Darcy, Amy Neill; 4th Star, Kerry Taylor; 5th Laurel View Rab, Helen Gage; 6th Tinker, Joshua Boyles.

70cms: 1st Sweetberry, Robyn Coulter; 2nd Woodie, Katie McKay; 3rd Skylark express, Kathy Delargy; 4th Biscuit, Rachel McGookin; 5th Skye, Elli Ross; 6th Star, Kerry Taylor.

70cms Points League Placing:1st tie Biscuit, Rachel McGookin and Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Grey Brooke Polo, Sam Ewing; 4th Star, Kerry Taylor; 5th Sweetberry, Robyn Coulter and Flash, Sam Ewing.

80cms 1st Grey Brooke Polo, Sam Ewing; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Political Magician, Samuel Douglas Brown; 4th Marley, Donna Dawson; 5th Biscuit, Rachel McGookin; 6th Maguire, Victoria Minford..

80cms Points League Placing: 1st Biscuit, Rachel McGookin 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Marley, Donna Dawson; 4th Grey Brooke Polo, Sam Ewing.

90cms:1st Diamond, Alan Cole; 2nd Marley, Donna Dawson.

90cms Points League Placing: 1st Diamond, Alan Cole.

1m: 1st Inishcara, Alan Martin; 2nd Diamond, Alan Cole.

1m Points League Placing: 1st Inishcara, Alan Martin; 2nd Diamond, Alan Cole.