Pounds for Points Show Jumping League (8 of 8) – 26.4.17

The Spring league seems to have come round to the eighth evening exceptionally quickly, but on a bright Spring evening a great bunch of competitors and supporters came along to the show jumping competition. On the evening the winners were:-

Show Jumping League (8 of 8)




45cm –1st Star Choice, Faith Black; 2nd Keady, Ashley Wray; 3rd Roly, Finn Doherty; 4th Rab, Frances McLaughlin; 5th Pebbles, Arielle Allen; 6th Muffin, Nicole Peoples.


55cm –1st Rab, Holly Hanvey; 2nd William, Grace Handcock; 3rd Roly, Finn Doherty.


60cm – 1st Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford; 2nd Dapple, Holly Ross; 3rd Silver, Amy-Lee Hanvey.


70cm – 1st Dapple, Holly Ross; 2nd Cindy, Zara Davis; 3rd Sparkling Silver Fox, Joel Peoples.


80cm – 1st Sparkling Silver Fox, Joel Peoples; 2nd Cindy, Zara Davis.


90cm – 1st Billy, Rebecca McWhinney.