Pounds for Points Show Jumping League Final – 26.4.17

At the conclusion of the eight week Spring Pounds for Points Show Jumping League, the points accumulated over the league by the qualifying competitors were all added up and added to the final evenings points to result in the league totals. These to the delight of the competitors were then turned into pounds and awarded to the worthy league winners.

League Results



1st Rab, Frances McLaughlin; 2nd Keady, Ashley Wray; 3rd Roly, Finn Doherty.



1st Rab, Holly Hanvey; 2nd William, Grace Handcock.



1st Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford; 2nd Dapple, Holly Ross; 3rd Silver, Amy-Lee Hanvey.



1st Cindy, Zara Davis.



No qualifiers forward



1st Billy, Rebecca McWhinney.


That’s all for now folks!! Massive thanks to all the competitors (and their crews) that have supported us throughout this Spring show jumping league and we hope we see you again soon. The next Wednesday evening leagues seems a while away at the minute, but no doubt the 4th October will be here before we all know it.