Easter Show – 23.4.17

Wow, what a day!

The last horse was only getting finished the course at 7.30pm. Such wonderful support, thanks to everyone for coming along 🙂 . Apologies to those who couldn’t wait long enough for their classes 🙁 and a big well done to all those who hung on till the finish :-). I don’t think we have ever had a bigger cross poles class, it took an incredibly long time, but the smiles on the competitors faces made it all worthwhile 🙂

Read on for a long list of results from an exceptionally good Easter Show. Congratulations to all the winners and massive thanks to all involved in making it possible, from the course builders, the runners, the judges etc etc, but also to the competitors and all their teams, there would have been no show without you 🙂

Easter Show



Obstacle Course


Class 1 –Lead Rein

1st Miss Kitty, Ellie Bingham; 2nd Cookie, Alyssa Hartley; 3rd Stan, Zara McConnell; 4th Bingo, Alicia Rainey; 5th Rising Star, Leah Rees; 6th Thorny, Riley Drillingcourt.


Class 2 –Unassisted – rider under 13 years

1st Connie, Evie Caldwell; 2nd Timmy, Lucy McDowell; 3rd Muffin, Nicole Peoples; 4th Tyson, Shantel Crothers; 5th Oreo, Eva Murphy; 6th Bruno, Holly Hamill.


Class 3 –Unassisted – rider 13 years & over.

1st Larry, Holly Hanvey; 2nd Silver, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 3rd Rab, Frances McLaughlin.


Show Jumping


Class 4 – “Hot Cross Poles!” – Cross poles

1st Bailey, Aimee Irwin; 2nd Toque de Magia, Hannah Jennison; 3rd Star Choice, Faith Black; 4th Timmy, Charlotte McAllister; 5th Merlin, Ava Bagchus; 6th Stan, Zara McConnell.


Class 5 – “Bunny Hop” – 30cm

1st Pull the Brakes, Ben Foster; 2nd Cookie, Robyn Hartley; 3rd Bailey, Aimee Irwin; 4th Timmy, Lucy McDowell; 5th Stan, Zara McConnell; 6th Merlin, Ava Bagchus.


Class 6 – “Big Bunny Bounce” – 45cm

1st Spongebob Roundbottom, Rebecca McKinstry; 2nd Cookie, Robyn Hartley; 3rd Timmy, Lucy McDowell; 4th Star Choice, Faith Black; 5th Toque de Magia, Hannah Jennison; 6th Strawberry, Jocelyn Hutchinson.


Class 7 – “Fifty Five Frolic” – 55cm

1st Cookie, Robyn Hartley; 2nd Pull the Brakes, Rachael Foster; 3rd Trampus, Wilma Farquhar; 4th Jessie, Sophie McAllister; 5th Timmy, Lucy McDowell; 6th Rab, Holly Hanvey.


Class 8 – “Super Sixties” – 60cm

1st Silver, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 2nd Trampus, Wilma Farquhar; 3rd Pull the Brakes, Rachael Foster; 4th Jessie, Sophie McAllister; 5th Roxy, Lucy Crawford; 6th Jay-Lee, Sasha Mateer.


Class 9 – “Seventies Hop” – 70cm

1st Omar, Hannah Schnell; 2nd Cindy, Zara Davis; 3rd Phoenix, Hollie Fitzpatrick; 4th Jessie, Sophie McAllister; 5th  Roxy, Lucy Crawford.


Class 10 – “Easter Egg Eighties” – 80cm

1st Sam, Bradie Hogg; 2nd Bruce Almighty, Rebecca McKinstry; 3rd Cindy, Zara Davis; 4th Twilight Zone, Meghan McKee; 5th Harley, Donna Dawson.


Class 11 – “Nineties but nice!” – 90cm

1st Sam, Bradie Hogg; 2nd Danny, Jenny Beattie.