Combined Training Competition – 8.7.12

Results – 8.7.12

Combined Training Competition

Class 1 & 2

Dressage – PC D Level

Judge – Laurel Faloona

1st Joey, Sophie McGuckin, 70.77; 2nd tie Laurel View Bridget, Diane Sefton and  Laurel View Jonny, Rachael Ferguson, 66.92; 4th Molly, Teri McAllister, 63.08; 5th Silver, Emma Fleming, 60.77; 6th  Laurel View Bob, Lauren Hill, 54.62.

Show Jumping – 30cm

1st Molly, Teri McAllister; 2nd Joey, Sophie McGuckin; 3rd Laurel View Bob, Lauren Hill; 4th Laurel View Bridget, Diane Sefton; 5th Silver, Emma Fleming; 6th Laurel View Jonny, Rachael Ferguson.


1st Joey, Sophie McGuckin; 2nd Laurel Bridget, Diane Sefton; 3rd Molly, Teri McAllister; 4th Laurel View Jonny, Rachael Ferguson; 5th Silver, Emma Fleming; 6th Laurel View Bob, Lauren Hill.

Class 3

Dressage – Prelim 7

Judge – Laurel Faloona

1st Guinness, Abi Gill, 77.00; 2nd Penny, Katie McClay, 72.00; 3rd Sir Barney, Karen Jeffrey, 70.00; 4th The Ferryman, Sophie Winn, 69.50; 5th Tazari 2, Jean Topping, 67.00; 6th Ziva, Lucy Stewart, 66.50.

Show Jumping – 60cm

1st Penny, Katie McClay; 2nd Jimmy, Roberta Bradbury; 3rd Guinness, Abi Gill; 4th Barney, Tara Murphy; 5th The Ferryman, Sophie Winn; 6th Brave Difference, Nicky Nesbitt.


1st Guinness, Abi Gill; 2nd Penny, Katie McClay; 3rd The Ferryman, Sophie Winn; 4th Tazari 2, Jean Topping; 5th Jimmy, Roberta Bradbury; 6th Barney, Tara Murphy.

Class 4

Dressage – Prelim 19

Judge – Angelene Nicholson

1st MJI Wendy, Joanne Jarden, 77.73; 2nd Annie, Lisa Dundee, 69.55; 3rd Loughmourne Diamond, Kirsty Marsden,67.73; 4th Cloughey Lass, Jenny Ferris, 66.82; 5th Bailie, Erin Faloona, 66.36; 6th Mile Lass, Amy Neill, 65.91.

Show Jumping – 80cm

1st Indian Sky, Emma Fleming; 2nd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 3rd Risk It Rebel, Amy Neill; 4th Louise McMinn, News Item; 5th Loughmourne Diamond, Kirsty Marsden; 6th Cloughey Lass, Jenny Ferris.


1st MJI Wendy, Joanne Jarden; 2nd Annie, Lisa Dundee; 3rd Loughmourne Diamond, Kirsty Marsden; 4th Cloughey Lass, Jenny Ferris; 5th Ardsview Brigadier, Paula Dougherty; 6th tie Risk It Rebel, Amy Neill and The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright.

Class 5

Dressage – Novice 37

Judge – Angelene Nicholson

1stMJI Dynamis, Joanne Jarden, 65.71; 2ndFlynn, Shane Belton, 62.14; 3rdSylvester, Erin Faloona, 61.79; 4th  Mulla Miracle, Emma Wallace, 61.43; 5thIn the Loop, Kerri Hill, 60.36; 6thSong of Charm, Nuala McNally, 60.36.


Show Jumping – 90cm

1stSong of Charm, Nuala McNally; 2ndTeddy to Go, Rebecca Nicholls; 3rdRockafella Rose, Nuala McNally; 4thFlynn, Shane Belton; 5thIn the Loop, Kerri Hill; 6thMJI Dynamis, Joanne Jarden.



1stFlynn, Shane Belton; 2ndMJI Dynamis, Joanne Jarden; 3rdSong of Charm, Nuala McNally; 4thTeddy to Go, Rebecca Nicholls; 5thSylvester, Erin Faloona; 6thRockafella Rose, Nuala McNally.