Derby (2 of 4) – 1.7.12

Laurel View Derby Two


Summer seemed to have deserted Northern Ireland and the cross country playground bared more resemblance to a swamp than a field, but thanks to the all weather surface of the outside arena the second leg of the Laurel View Summer Derby League was able to run on 1st July.


The sixty centimetre competitors were the first to test themselves on the twist and turns of the derby course, two clear rounds left Roberta Bradbury and Emma Louise Gourley sorting things out in the first of days jump offs. Under pressure it was Roberta on Molly that cleared the jump off fences in the best time, Emma Louise and Jeronamo had issues with fence fifteen, leaving them with a very acceptable blue rosette.   Third and fourth place was also settled after a jump off with Tamara McErlain and Rosie fastest to the finish and Victoria Graham and Billy a shade slower in fourth.


Over the 70 cm contorted combination of fences Jiro and Cathal Hurrell were the clear winners.  The competitors vying for second place got better value as they headed off round the jump off fences to decide the finishing order, with a 2nd ultimately going to Mile Lass and Amy Neill, 3rd for Magic and Claire Robinson and after finding fault(s) at fence fifteen Kirsty Marsden and Loughmourne Diamond picked up a commendable 4th.


Up the fences go to 85cms and on with the action. Jump offs for the top six kept the adrenaline flowing.  Fastest of the clear rounds was Lisa Dundee and Brownie.  Picking up faults in the jump off left Mimi Joffroy and Colours R Us in second place.  Tigger and Sarah Reid also took a fence down in the jump off, but a fraction less speed earned them third. Four faults recorded in the jump off and a longer run on the stop watch left Jo McGrath and Kip in fourth place.


Going clear over the metre course wasn’t enough to decide a winner, so once again, down to the jump off to sort the final order and with the fastest speed clear over those all important fences it was Jewels and Lisa Dundee that picked up the red.  Holly Hayes and Lulu didn’t have as clean a scoresheet in the jump off, leaving them with second.  With four faults over the derby course 3rd and 4th was also decided in the jump off, Amy Fekkes and Goldmine went clear taking home fourth, while one fence down placed Laura Warde and Wendy fourth.


Two more competitions remain in the Summer Derby League and with each competitor the cash pot gets bigger to divide between the winners at the final on 2nd September.  Its not too late to qualify to go for gold in this Laurel View league, with the next qualifying round on the schedule for Sunday 5th August once again with a 12.30pm start for the 60cm.







Summer Derby (2 of 4) – 1/7/12




60 cms – 1st Molly, Roberta Bradbury; 2nd Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley; 3rd Rosie, Tamara McErlain, 4th Billy, Victoria Graham; 5th Abbie, Donna Creighton.




70 cms – 1st Jiro, Cathal Hurrell; 2nd Mile Lass, Amy Neill; 3rd Magic, Claire Robinson; 4th Loughmourne Diamond, Kirsty Marsden; 5th Rosie, Emma Brady; 6th Annie, Lisa Dundee.




85cms – 1st Brownie, Lisa Dundee; 2nd Colours R Us, Mimi Joffroy; 3rd Tigger, Sarah Reid; 4th Kip. Jo McGrath; 5th Riskit Rebel; Amy Neill; 6th Cookie, Ellen Jayne Hill.




1m – 1st Jewels, Lisa Dundee; 2nd Lulu, Holly Hayes; 3rd Goldmine, Amy Fekkes; 4th Wendy, Laura O’Kane.