Working Hunter League (3 of 6) – 16.12.12

Laurel View Winter Workers Wonderland


Winter is definitely here, so time for another round of the Winter Working Hunter League at Laurel View on Sunday 16th December.


Numbers entered have certainly been better, but the calibre and turnout was of a high standard of those who braved the elements to make their way to the relative comfort of the excellent indoor facilities at Laurel View.  All took advantage of the opportunity to exercise and warm up in the smaller indoor before proceeding to the main arena to perform their best over the well-built and dressed course.


Geraldine Lowry kindly agreed to judge the pony classes and it was Flint and Sophie Winn that scored the most points in both the Newcomer and Novice Pony classes with Zinna and Bobbi Fleming in second place in both classes as well.


A bit more variety of rosette winners in the other pony classes with Barney and Tara Murphy just a point ahead of Rachel Black and Schuey in the Intermediate Pony Class.


Ellie Ross and Pearl were the Open Pony winners with Misty and Regan McKee a point or two behind in second place.


Jamie Smyth took over the judging for the horse classes and the 70cm warm up class was the first on the programme and the red rosette went to Sonia Tester and Embarcadero, with a blue for Amiee Wilson and Izzy.


No 4 year olds came out to play, so it was up to 80cm for the Novice Horse class.  Taking part in the warm up class must have paid off as Sonia Tester and Embarcadero picked up another red rosette in the Novice class.  This time the blue rosette went home with Miriam Wright and The Castletown Lad.


Small horse winner was awarded to Mimi Joffroy and Colours R Us over the 80cm course and as there were no cobs present, the course moved on up to 90cm for the Intermediate Horse class which was one by Emma Fleming and Ralph.  This was the last class of the day as there was no one for the Open Class, so the judge and scribe got things finished up quite promptly.


Thanks and appreciation to the judges, for their opinions and expertise, to the scribes for their time and efforts and for the competitors for coming along to make it all worthwhile.  Hopefully the Equi-Tog photographer will have captured your good side, why not find out by emailing


The next competition was scheduled for 20th January, but sadly snow stopped play, the next Working Hunter competition is on the calendar for the 17th February, but there is plenty more besides, just check out to see the latest updates.  Or you could just give the office a ring on 028 9086 0649


Working Hunter League (3 of 6)



Ponies – Judged by Geraldine Lowry


Class 1 – Newcomer Pony

1st Flint, Sophie Winn; 2nd Zinnia, Bobbi Fleming.


Class 2 – Novice Pony

1st Flint, Sophie Winn; 2nd Zinnia, Bobbi Fleming.


Class 3 – Intermediate Pony

1st Barney, Tara Murphy; 2nd Schuey, Rachael Black; 3rd Randy, Lois Larmour; 4th Willow, Regan McKee; 5th Blue, Connie Jordan; 6th Pearl, Ellie Ross.


Class 4 – Open Pony

1st Pearl, Ellie Ross; 2nd Misty, Regan McKee; 3rd Randy, Lois Larmour.


Horses – Judged by Jamie Smyth


Class 5 – Warm up Horses

1st Embarcadero, Sonia Tester; 2nd Izzy, Amiee Wilson; 3rd Penny, Katie McClay.


Class 6 – 4 Year Old Horse

No Entries Forward


Class 7 – Novice Horse

1st Embarcadero, Sonia Tester; 2nd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 3rd Izzy, Amiee Wilson; 4th Bella, Edana Butler.


Class 8 – Small Horse

1st Colours R Us, Mimi Joffroy.


Class 9 – Cobs

No Entries Forward


Class 10 – Intermediate

1st Ralph, Emma Fleming.


Class 11 – Open

No Entries Forward