Working Hunter League (2 of 5) – 20.11.11

Ponies were not very numerous at the second competition of the Working Hunter league at Laurel View,  so judge Joan Adrain should not have been overly taxed.  Horses were a lot busier and kept judge Laurel Faloona very well occupied.  Competitors appeared to enjoy the twists and turns of the well built course.  Hopefully they and more besides will be back for the next leg of the league on Sunday 29th January.  Big thanks to all the competitors, scribes, runners and anyone who made the day possible.

Results – 20.11.11

Working Hunter Ponies

Class 1: Newcomer Class – 50cm

1st The Ferryman, Sophie Winn.

Class 2: Novice Pony – 60cm

1st Mickey Mouse, Eva McClurg; 2nd The Ferryman, Sophie Winn; 3rd Spud, Lauren Gordon; 4th Skye, Ellie Ross.

Class 3: Intermediate Pony – 75cm

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Class 4: Open Pony – 90cm

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Working Hunter Horses

Class 5: Warm up Class – 70cm

1st Foxi, Paula McIlwarth; 2nd Chestnut Hill, Anne Hill; 3rd Midnight Reflection, Karina McVeigh; 4th Emily, Shane O’Grady; 5th Bart, Shane O’Grady.

Class 6: 4 year old Horse – 70cm

1st Hillside Sky Blue, Rachel Kinnaird; 2nd Gortonharwk Barney, Alyson Taggart; 3rd Kate, Nicky Anderson; 4th Anna, Lisa Dundee; 5th Randal’s Girl, Edana Butler.

Class 7: Novice Horse – 80cm

1st Master Hickey, Emma Dunbar; 2nd Paintball, Emily Magowan; 3rd Levi, Lorraine Lyttle; 4th My Teenage Kicks, Emma Allen; 5th Optical Illusion, Shane O’Grady.

Class 8: Small Horse – 80cm

1st Paintball, Emily Magowan; 2nd Rangehill Llwynog, Simon Wylie; 3rd My Teenage Kicks, Nuala McNally; 4th Chestnut Hill, Anne Hill; 5th Frank, Nicky Anderson.

Class 9: Cobs – 80cm

1st Fitz, Sarah Cuthbertson; 2nd Domino, Jacqui Lewis; 3rd Magic, Claire Robinson.

Class 10: Intermediate Horse – 90cm

1st Rangehill Llwynog, Simon Wylie; 2nd Song of Charm, Nuala McNally; 3rd Optical Illusion, Shane O’Grady.

Class 11: Open Horse – 1m

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