Derby League (3 of 4) – 13.11.11

The Derby course at Laurel View on Sunday 13th November had a couple of new obstacles in it which caused more than a little difficulty for some competitors especially in the 60cms when more than half the class were put off their stride.

Three of the 60cm competitors still managed to pull off a super clear round, calling for a crowd pleaser of a jump off.  Clear and fastest in the jump off earned Brandy and Angie Thompson the red rosette.  Mister Darcy and Amy Neill were a few seconds slower so had to settle for second.

The seventies saw a lot of sat nav problems and riders parting company with their horses.  But there were also plenty that made it round, but only one with a clear round, Skylark Express and Kathy Delargy.  After the 4 faulters jump off the blue rosette went to General Impression and Deborah Geddis.

Innisfree and Joanna McNamee were the only pair to finish the 85cm course with a clean sheet so the red rosette was there’s.  In the jump off for those with four faults only Rosso Tramunto and Bianca McElnea made it to the finish so the blue rosette was claimed by them.

All competitors in the metre class made it over the finish line, but only The Mischief Maker and Holly Wray did it without any faults.  Rosso Tramunto and Bianca McElnea picked up some faults which took them to second place.

Catching the competitors as they cleared the keyhole was the Equi-Tog photographer.  What will the course design and building team have in store for competitors at the final on Sunday 27th November? You will have to come along and see, kicking off once again at 12 noon with the 65cm course.

Results 13.11.11

Derby 3 of 4

60cms – 1st Brandy, Angie Thompson; 2nd Mister Darcy, Amy Neill; 3rd Cheeky Charlie, Demi Blair; 4th Abbie, Lydia Braniff.

70cms – 1st Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 2nd General Impression, Deborah Geddis;  3rd Biscuit, Rachel McGookin; 4th Foxi, Paula McIlrath; 5th, Siobhan Black; 6th Panda Bear, Janine Gamble.

85cms –1st Innisfree, Joanna McNamee; 2nd Rosso Tramunto, Bianca McElnea; 3rd Kizzy, Emma Thompson; 4th Madge, Eimear McMahon; 5th The Castleton Lad, Miriam Wright; 6th Ricochet, Laura Marrs.

1m – 1st The Mischief Maker, Holly Wray; 2nd Rosso Tramunto, Bianca McElnea; 3rd Wendy, Laura Warde;  4th Ali G, Robbie Topping.