Working Hunter (4 of 5) – 26.2.12

Lots of Working Hunter action at Laurel View

Ponies got the Working Hunter day off to a wonderful start with Geraldine Lowry wearing the Judges hat.  About half of the 50cm Newcomer class made it round the course without any slip ups, leaving it down to the ride out to show off their stuff.  Eva McClurg and Linny pulled out all the stops to take the top spot, with second going to Willow and Regan McKee.

Novice Pony was next over the 60cm course; Geraldine had quite a task with all the competitors jumping clear. In the end the judges score sheet clearly illustrated that Jodie Creighton on Stambrook Miss Belini was the winner with second place going to Sarah Brittain on Linney.

Intermediate Ponies were next to tackle the course which had been elevated to 75cm, Mister Stranger and Charlotte Smiley earned the 1st place spot with a well jumped round and ride out, only a fraction behind was Shannon Baird and Colour Express.

In the Open Pony class these positions were reversed with Shannon Baird and Colour Express clear round the jumps, 1st was theirs. Meanwhile faults in the jumping took Charlotte Smiley and Mister Stranger into 2nd.

Georgia Stubington took over the judging for the Horse Classes and the first class to come under her expert eye was the 70cm Warm Up Class. When all the competitors had done their best to impress it was Money Box and Jamie Smyth that came out on top, with Tip and Orlaith McLaughlin a very close second.

A numerically large 4 year old class was next on the schedule.  Jamie Smyth was in the winning saddle again, this time on board Kipper; with Plan B and Shane O’Grady a fraction behind in second.

No let up in the Novice Class, a fine display competed over the 80cm course, with Rachel Coulson and Scooby coming out on top, with Katrina Buchannon on Frank taking the blue rosette.

In the Smalls it was Simon Wylie and Rangehill Llwynog that came up trumps, with Flyn and Orlaith McLaughlin a few points lower when the scores were totted up.

Orlaith McLaughlin picked up a red rosette on Tip in the Cob class, with second going to Lauren Court and Melton.

The jumps shifted up to 90cm for the Intermediate class Nuala McNally got a lovely tune out of Song of Charm to earn 1st place, while a fence down put Simon Wylie and Rangehill Llwynog into second place.

That brought a fantastic day of Working Hunter action to a conclusion. Thanks to judges Geraldine and Georgia, to all the folk on the ground who kept things moving, to the Equi-Tog photographer for capturing the action and off course to the competitors for it would all have been pointless without you.

What will the final on Sunday 25th March bring?

Results – 26.02.12

Working Hunter Ponies

Class 1: Newcomer Class – 50cm

1st Linny, Eva McClurg; 2nd Willow, Regan McKee; 3rd Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley; 4th Blue, Connie Jordan; 5th Barney, Eva McClurg; 6th Laurel View Pippa, Sophie McGuckin.

Class 2: Novice Pony – 60cm

1st Stambrook Miss Belini, Jodie Creighton; 2nd Linney, Sarah Brittain; 3rd Litton Hi Society, Jodie Creighton; 4th Barney, Eva McCLurg; 5th Spud, Lauren Gordon: 6th Willow, Regan McKee.

Class 3: Intermediate Pony – 75cm

1st Mister Stranger, Charlotte Smiley; 2nd Colour Express, Shannon Baird; 3rd Sparky, Sarah Brittain; 4th Caramel Kisses, Jo Hamilton.

Class 4: Open Pony – 90cm

1st Colour Express, Shannon Baird; 2nd Mister Stranger, Charlotte Smiley.

Working Hunter Horses

Class 5: Warm up Class – 70cm

1st Money Box, Jamie Smyth; 2nd Tip, Orlaith McLoughlin; 3rd Archie, Orlaith McLaughlin; 4th Magic, Claire Robinson; 5th Penny Lane, Jessica Byers; 6th Tazari 2, Jean Topping.

Class 6: 4 year old Horse – 70cm

1st Kipper, Jamie Smyth; 2nd Plan B, Shane O’Grady; 3rd Loughmourne Diamond, Kirsty Marsden; 4th Archie, Joe Hamilton; 5th Abbie, Barry McCormick; 6th Daisy, Ursula Bamford.

Class 7: Novice Horse – 80cm

1st Scooby, Rachel Coulson; 2nd Frank, Katrina Buchanan; 3rd Domino, Jacqui Lewis; 4th Fitz, Sarah Cuthbertson; 5th Harlequin Rose, Erin Faloona; 6th Alice’s Boy, Dawn McKeown.

Class 8: Small Horse – 80cm

1st Rangehill Llwynog, Simon Wylie; 2nd Flyn, Orlaith McLoughlin; 3rd Ballynolan Renoir, Nicky Anderson; 4th Killaughey Lass, Jenny Ferris.

Class 9: Cobs – 80cm

1st Tip, Orlaith McLoughlin; 2nd Melton, Lauren Court; 3rd Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson; 4th Trojan, Lisa Mitchel.

Class 10: Intermediate Horse – 90cm

1st Nuala McNally, Song of Charm; 2nd Rangehill Llwynog, Simon Wylie; 3rd Lincoln Star, Brian McFall; 4th Breezer, Barry McCormick.