Dressage League Results

Honestly I don’t know what I have been doing with myself, but I have got way behind on updating results and seem to have omitted to post the dressage league results.  Apologies if you have been waiting to see how the scores added up. Results are listed for all qualified competitors present at the league final.  The next league is planned to start on Sunday 6th May, hope we see you there.

Class 1 Total Place
Emma Burns LV Bob 216.36 1st
Megan Parkinson Trigger 215.15 2nd
Kerry Taylor Star 211.57 3rd
Abi Gill Guinness 209.53 4th
Diane Sefton LV Bridget 200.91 5th
Holly McKeown LV Sparky 200.27 6th
Lauren Hill LV Bob 198.36
Emma-Louise Gourley Jeronamo 195.55
Eileen McLaughlin LV Tyson 192.98
Dawn McKeown Lincoln Star 183.05
Class 2 Total Place
Gareth McClean Scooby 223.57 1st
Catherine Murray Coco Motion 196.05 2nd
Emma Anderson LV Tally 191.24 3rd
Sophie McGuckin LV Pippa 183.43 4th
Lisa Stewart Ballyrock Harvey 177.67 5th
Class 3 Total Place
Erin Faloona Orchard Affair 212.91 1st
Jill Hobson Ludovik K 203.08 2nd
Karina McVeigh Midnight Reflection 198.17 3rd
Sophie Winn The Ferryman 196.08 4th
Emma Fleming Indian Sky 185.01 5th
Debra Ringland Midnight Moonshine 181.24 6th
Suzi McClean Scooby 178.33
Elizabeth Eames Coloured Clough Girl 170.33
Class 4 Total Place
Jill Hobson Ludovik K 205.12 1st
Gillian Orr Mathilda 202.47 2nd
Class 5 Total Place
Geraldine Lowry Sha Khan 207.92 1st
Karina McVeigh Midnight Reflection 196.39 2nd
Jackie Reid Cream Cracker 180.86 3rd
Miriam Wright The Castletown Lad 173.60 4th
Class 6 – Open Total Place
Geraldine Lowry Sha Khan (Elem) 190.37 1st
Jennifer Howes Duke (Med) 177.23 2nd
Riding School Competiton Average Place
Emma Burns LV Bob (Class 1) 69.10 1st
Lauren Hill LV Bob (Class 1) 66.12 2nd
Diane Sefton LV Bridget (Class 1) 65.99 3rd
Holly McKeown LV Sparky (Class 1) 65.01 4th
Eileen McLaughlin LV Tyson (Class 1) 64.33 5th
Christine Smyth LV Larry (Class 1) 60.59 6th
Emma Anderson LV Tally (Class 2) 59.85
Sophie McGuckin LV Pippa (Class 2) 59.22