Winter Working Hunter League (5 of 6)



28th October, 25th November and 16th December 2012,

20th January, 17th February, 17th March and 21st April 2013 (Rescheduled Final)

Have you made it to the Laurel View league at least once this winter so far? If so, fantastic, you just need to come along and compete again in the same class(es) on Sunday 17th March and then you will have qualified to compete for the league prizes on Sunday 21st April.  All are welcome obviously, but don’t miss out on your chance to qualify.

Working Hunter Ponies start 10.00 am


Class 1:       Newcomer Class                                  50cm

Class 2:       Novice Pony                                       60cm

Class 3:       Intermediate Pony                          75cm

Class 4:       Open Pony                                          90cm

Please note for all pony classes: – ponies up to 153cms, riders of correct age.


Working Hunter Horses start 1.30pm

Class 5:       Warm up Class                                                               70cm

Class 6:       4 year old Horse                                                           70cm

Class 7:       Novice Horse                                                                 80cm

Class 8:       Small Horse (not exceeding 158cms)                  80cm

Class 9:       Cobs                                                                                  80cm

Class 10:     Intermediate Horse                                                   90cm

Class 11:     Open Horse                                                                    1m


Horses – exceeding 148cms. Ponies – up to 153cms.

ENTRY FEES: £10 per class

Entries on DAY


To qualify for league prizes at final, competitors must compete on the same horse/pony in the same class at 2 competitions at least, plus the final.


Classes may be amalgamated with the next appropriate class if entries are insufficient.

Further information available from Laurel View office

Tel: – 028 9083 0649 Email: –