Winter Dressage League Results

A fantastic February day to finish the Laurel View Winter Dressage League on Sunday 24th, sunshine and loads of sporting competitors putting their steed’s best foot forward.


Emma Brady and Henry in their first competitive pairing together, rode a super test to take 1st place in the Walk/Trot class, with Laurel View Sparky and Holly McKeown a very proud second, these results were determined by Geraldine Lowry’s judging.


The Walk/Trot league prize went to Katherine Hall and McCracken, with Leah Knight and Milo, seizing second, just ahead of Holly McKeown and Laurel View Sparky.  League points were calculated by taking the competitors best two results during the league and adding them to their score at the final to give the grand total that would determine the placings.


The Newcomers class was assessed by Kelly Kerr and winning her points on the day were Trigger and Megan Parkinson, with a super score, leaving Andrew Clark and Greenvale Cat in the second place spot.


This good score helped keep Megan and Trigger in prime position in the Newcomer league, with Eileen McLaughlin and Tinker taking the blue rosette and Emma Anderson and Tally the yellow.


Prelim 18 was the test to test Class 3 competitors at the final, judged by Ivor Harper, this large class was won by Joanne Jarden on MJI Voltaire T, with Emma Brown and Cousin Jack II earning the second place rosette.


Having held a very strong position throughout the league it was no surprise when Sharon Watters and X Rated were declared the Class 3 league winners, with Jill Hobson on Furisto Seven for a Secret securing a more than satisfactory second place, close behind in third place was The Ferryman and Sophie Winn.


Class 4 judge for the day was Janet Hall and her top spot and the red rosette went to Red Ruby Rose ridden by Joanne Jarden, blue for Ben Kelly and Claire Martin.


Second league win of the day for Sharon Watters and X Rated for Class 4, with Jill Hobson her second once again, this time riding Ludovik K, with a third league place as well for her tests on Furisto Seven for a Secret.


Onto Class 5, with David Patterson in the judges spot.  Oliver Hardy and Martina Loughran caught his eye, taking the first spot ahead off Erin Faloona and Roger.


In league class 5 Jill Hobson and Ludovik K took the red league rosette, to add to her colourful collection, with The Elf and Emma Andrews second and Silly Sally and Katie Watt taking the third league place.


Open competitors were also judged by David Patterson and again his top spot went to Martina Loughran and Oliver Hardy with Erin Faloona again his second placed rider, but this time on board Orchard Affair.


Erin and Orchard Affairs points added up very nicely securing 1st in the Open League for their Novice tests and second for their Elementary.  The third league position and prize went to Allan Dewhurst and Isaac for their Elementary tests.


The next set of rosettes to be awarded was a special one, just for the Laurel View Riding School competitors.  Scores over the league were averaged out to find out which of the riders had scored the highest average overall, the highest average score was 67.88 and this was attained by Holly McKeown on Laurel View Sparky in Class 1. 2nd with 65.24 was Eileen McLaughlin on Laurel View Tinker in Class 2. Close behind in third Christine Smyth and Laurel View Marley in Class 1 worked up an average of 65.16.


One more question had to be answered to conclude a successful day and league and that was who would win the super prize provided by Clogher Valley Country Caravan Park.  All tests ridden throughout the league earned the rider a number in the draw, these were all saved onto the computer and numbers allocated for all tests ridden at the final, before the computer was programmed to make a random selection declaring that Jacqui Lewis was the lucky recipient.


Huge thanks to everyone who made this dressage day and indeed the league possible and successful, the judges for their expertise, the scribes for their time and diligence, the call up and runners for their patience, the scorers, the arena teams, the Equi-Tog photography team, the caterer and off course the competitors, it was great doing dressage with you.


A little bit of a gap in the Laurel View Dressage for a month or two, but keep an eye out here for details of the Summer League commencing in May.



Dressage League (6 of 6) – 24.2.13


Class 1 – BD Intro B (walk/trot)

Judge – Geraldine Lowry

1st Henry, Emma Brady, 76.09; 2nd Laurel View Sparky, Holly McKeown, 75.65; 3rd Paddy, Leah Knight, 74.35; 4th Milo, Leah Knight, 73.91; 5th McCracken, Katherine Hall, 73.04; 6th tie Laurel View Marley, Christine Smyth and Jasper Carrot, Erin Mathieson, 67.39.


Class 2 – PC C Level (Newcomers)

Judge: – Kelly Kerr

1st Trigger, Megan Parkinson, 74.00; 2nd Greenvale Cat, Andrew Clark, 66.67;

3rd Addy, Sophie McGuckin, 64.00; 4th Laurel View Tally, Emma Anderson, 62.67; 5th Laurel View Tinker, Eileen McLaughlin, 62.67; 6th Gem, Bree Rutledge, 62.67.


Class 3 – Prelim 18

Judge: – Ivor Harper

1st MJI Voltaire T, Joanne Jarden, 73.75; 2nd Cousin Jack II, Emma Brown, 73.33;

3rd X Rated, Sharon Watters, 72.08; 4th MJI Canadian Clipper, Joanne Jarden, 72.08; 5th Red Ruby Rouge, Joanne Jarden, 71.67; 6th tie Furisto Seven for a Secret, Jill Hobson and Jewel, Leah Knight, 70.42.


Class 4 – Prelim 19

Judge: – Janet Hall

1st Red Ruby Rouge, Joanne Jarden, 70.91; 2nd Ben Kelly, Claire Martin, 70.00;

3rd MJI Voltaire T, Joanne Jarden, 69.09; 4th X Rated, Sharon Watters, 68.18; 5th Roger, Erin Faloona, 65.45; 6th Risk it Rebel, Erin Faloona, 65.00.


Class 5 – Novice 23

Judge: – David Patterson

1st Oliver Hardy, Martina Loughran, 66.67; 2nd Roger, Erin Faloona, 65.19; 3rd The Elf, Emma Andrews, 64.81; 4th Ludovik K, Jill Hobson, 64.44; 5th Mr Quayside, Katrina Buchanan, 62.22; 6th Silly Sally, Katie Watt, 61.85.


Class 6 – Open

Judge: – David Patterson

1st Oliver Hardy (Nov), Martina Loughran, 66.92; 2nd Orchard Affair (Nov), Erin Faloona, 66.92; 3rd The Elf (Nov), Emma Andrews, 65.77; 4th Isaac (Elem), Allan Dewhurst, 65.59; 5th Graflo (Nov), Laura Jayne Kyle, 65.00; 6th Orchard Affair (Elem), Erin Faloona, 63.82.


Winter Dressage League Results


League Class 1 – Walk/Trot

1st McCracken, Katherine Hall, 217.39; 2nd Milo, Leah Knight, 211.74; 3rd Laurel View Sparky, Holly McKeown, 211.73; 4th Laurel View Rab, Sharka Gerhardus, 201.74; 5th Laurel View Rab, Helen Gage, 200.83; 6th Laurel View Marley, Christine Smyth , 200.00.


League Class 2 – Newcomers

1st Trigger, Megan Parkinson, 205.33; 2nd Laurel View Tinker, Eileen McLaughlin, 195.72; 3rd Laurel View Tally, Emma Anderson, 189.44; 4th Laurel View Marley, Christine Smyth, 187.83; 5th Addy, Sophie McGuckin, 186.88.


League Class 3 – Prelim

1st X Rated, Sharon Watters, 223.93; 2nd Furisto Seven for a Secret, Jill Hobson, 208.92; 3rd The Ferryman, Sophie Winn, 204.43; 4th Jewel, Leah Knight, 201.85; 5th Ben Kelly, Claire Martin, 195.25; 6th Mossbank, Chloe Thompson, 189.65.


League Class 4 – Prelim

1st X Rated, Sharon Watters, 217.77; 2nd Ludovik K, Jill Hobson, 208.18;

3rd Furisto Seven for a Secret, Jill Hobson, 200.00; 4th Supreme Judge (Roger), Erin Faloona, 199.20; 5th Silly Sally, Katie Watt, 197.69; 6th Ben Kelly, Claire Martin, 196.25.


League Class 5 – Novice

1st Ludovik K, Jill Hobson, 209.86; 2nd The Elf, Emma Andrews, 201.06; 3rd Silly Sally, Katie Watt, 196.43; 4th Oliver Hardy, Martina Loughran, 189.01; 5th The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright, 181.40.


League Class 6 – Open

1st Orchard Affair (Nov), Erin Faloona, 207.63; 2nd Orchard Affair (Elem), Erin Faloona, 205.23; 3rd Isaac (Elem), Allan Dewhurst, 201.58; 4th Isaac (Med), Allan Dewhurst, 194.51; 5th Oliver Hardy (Nov), Martina Loughran, 191.90; 6th Duke (Med), Jennifer Howes, 191.41.


Riding School Competition

1st Laurel View Sparky (Class 1), Holly McKeown, 67.88; 2nd Laurel View Tinker (Class 2), Eileen McLaughlin, 65.24; 3rd Laurel View Marley (Class 1), Christine Smyth , 65.16; 4th Laurel View Rab (Class 1), Helen Gage, 64.85; 5th Laurel View Bob (Class 1), Lauren Hill, 63.71; 6th Laurel View Bridget/Tally (Class 2), Emma Anderson, 60.90; 7th Laurel View Bridget (Class 3), Diane Sefton, 60.11.