Winter League Final Results

Drum roll please for the league final results from the Winter 2017/18 Dressage League. It has been a most horrible winter, so well done to all the winners below for the extra efforts involved and hopefully the Summer League which starts on the 27th May will bring much pleasanter conditions for exercising, riding and competing our four legged equine friends.

Winter Dressage League Final

Class scores are totals of best two tests plus final.


Class 1 – Walk/Trot

1st That’s My Guy, Sharon McClurg, 211.96; 2nd Sha Khan, Holly McKeown, 202.82; 3rd Hightown Blooming Heather, Diane Sefton, 201.52; 4th Rab, Helen Gage, 196.30; 5th Johnny, Stephen Wade, 194.35.

Class 2 – Prelim

1st The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 218.07; 2nd Ellie Mae, Judith Watt, 197.35.


Class 3 – Prelim

1st The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 217.87; 2nd Indi , Penny Murphy, 211.40.


Class 4 – Prelim

1st Indi, Penny Murphy, 214.30; 2nd Josh, Emma McLean, 198.49; 3rd Barney, Christine Smyth, 182.31


Class 5 – Novice

1st My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 194.61; 2nd Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford, 182.01.


Class 6 – Open

1st Maverick (Nov), Louise Spence, 198.83; 2nd Beechmount Baxter (Elem), Linda McIlwaine, 197.94; 3rd Oliver Hardy (Nov), Martina McKinley, 195.32; 4th Maverick (Elem), Louise Spence, 193.24; 5th Beechmount Baxter (Med), Linda McIlwaine, 182.54; 6th Beechmount Reeba (Nov), Meaghann Crawford, 179.51.


Scores recorded below are averages

Riding School Competition

1st Rab (Class 11), Holly Hanvey, 68.50; 2nd Hightown Blooming Heather (Class 1), Diane Sefton, 64.96; 3rd Admiral (Class 2), Sasha Mateer, 64.34; 4th Rab (Class 1), Helen Gage, 63.95; 5th Johnny (Class 1), Stephen Wade, 62.66; 6th Barney (Class 4), Christine Smyth, 60.77.


Laurel View Livery/Staff Competition

1st Roger, Erin Faloona, 67.98; 2nd Josh, Emma McLean, 66.54; 3rd Woodrow Rosewood, Erin McCrea, 66.00; 4th Bella , Edana Butler, 65.10; 5th My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 64.28; 6th Clady Water Jay Jay, Diane Jones, 64.17.