Spring Show Jumping League (6 of 8) – 18.4.18

A great crowd of competitors turned up for the show jumping competition on Wednesday 18th April, some new faces for this league, giving the regulars a bit of extra competition to keep them on their hooves 🙂

Show Jumping League (6 of 8)




45cm –1st Keady, Lucy McDowell; 2nd Rab, Helen Gage; 3rd Marley, Georgia Rea.


55cm – 1st Tamara, Jacob Lyle; 2nd Rab, Ashley Wray; 3rd Diamond, Abi Molyneaux; 4th Bruno, Emma Sargent; 5th Roly, Finn Doherty; 6th Judy, Amelia Bannon.


60cm – 1st William, Grace Handcock; 2nd Dapple, Holly Ross; 3rd Diamond, Abi Molyneaux.


70cm – 1st Biscuit, Lucy McIlhatton; 2nd Bess, Catelyn Hodge; 3rd Delight, Shannon Chambers; 4th Willow, Erin McCrea; 5th Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox.


80cm – 1st Cindy, Zara Davis; 2nd Willow, Erin McCrea; 3rd Blue, Ann-Marie Donnelly; 4th Robbie, Ann-Marie Donnelly; 5th Bess, Catelyn Hodge; 6th Bob, Rocco Cairns.


90cm – 1st Robbie, Ann-Marie Donnelly.