Winter Dressage League (6 of 6) – 15.3.20

Madness, soon it will be March and time for the final of the Laurel View Winter 2019/2020 Dressage League.

Here are the tests on the schedule, we would love to see lots of qualifiers attending to vie for the league prizes, but all are most welcome, whether or not you  have qualified by riding at least 2 times during the league in the same test in the same horse/rider combo. 

Entries are open already right up until noon on Thursday 12th March just send them through by your preferred method.

Class 1: BD Intro C (16)                             

Class 2: BD Prelim 14 (06)

Class 3: BD Prelim 18 (02)                  

Class 4: BD Prelim 19 (08)              

Class 5: BD Nov 23 (12)

Class 6: Open: BD Nov 39 (10); BD Elem 57 (07); BD Med 76 (16); BD Adv Med 98 (02)