Winter Dressage League (1 of 6) – 7.10.12

October 7th marks the start of the Winter Dressage League, the tests to test the competitors are listed below.

Class 1: PC D Level (walk, trot test)

Class 2: PC C Level (Newcomers)             

Class 3: Prelim 7(02)                         

Class 4: Prelim 15 (08)                                

Class 5: Nov 22 (07)     

Class 6: Open Class: Nov 35 (09); Elem 40(10); Med 61 (02); Adv Med 94 (02)

Entries by Wednesday 3rd October would be really appreciated, but will be accepted right up to noon on the Thursday, which should give enough time for us to juggle the times and post them by 5pm on Friday 5th.

Remember your top two scores throughout the league are added to your final score, so the more opportunities to improve on your score the better.  Hope we see you on the 7th 🙂

See below for the full Winter Dressage League Schedule.

Dressage League Schedule Winter 2012-2013