Winter 22/23 Dressage League Results

The competition on Sunday 12th March, was the conclusion of the 22/23 Winter Dressage League at Laurel View. Lots of wonderful support throughout the league, even in some pretty horrid weather conditions competitors from all over put their best hoof forward.

Those who had competed at least twice in their class, in the same combo, had their best two scores added to their score at the final to earn their place in the league class finals. All the very worthy class winners are listed below.

Winter 22/23 Dressage League Results

Classes 1- 6 Calculated using best two scores, plus score at final

Class 1 – Intro (Walk/Trot)

1st Echo, Joanna McNamee, 217.61; 2nd Lily, Hannah Kernohan, 212.17; 3rd Oreo, Linda McIlwaine, 209.78; 4th Toby, Elaine Kelly, 205.65; 5th Ben, Caoimhe Scullion, 204.79; 6th Laurel View Cherry, Rachel McAlernon, 203.91.

Class 2 – Prelim A

1st Casper, Katie Watt, 222.36; 2nd Ellie, Caryn Walker, 214.42; 3rd Greystone Golden Lady, Elaine Leinster, 209.69; 4th Reva, Mya Morrison, 208.84; 5th Nanky Brooker Spain, Louise Beggs, 202.51; 6th Little Black Beauty, Janine Austin, 200.70.

Class 3 – Prelim B

1st Marvin, Katie Watt, 215.59; 2nd Nanky Brooker Spain, Louise Beggs, 209.54; 3rd Rachel, Helen Hoffin, 200.14; 4th Ossie Man, Alara Terak, 198.88.

Class 4 – Prelim C 

No Qualifiers Forward

Class 5 – Novice

1st Pippa, Cora McNulty, 196.29

Class 6 – Open   

No Qualifiers Forward  

Last but most definitely not least are the results from our special Laurel View classes. The results for these two classes were calculated using an average score across the league.

Riding School Competition 

Calculated using average scores throughout league

1st Admiral & Ben (Class 1), Caoimhe Scullion, 66.74; 2nd Dargento (Class 1), Emily McNally, 66.43; 3rd Laurel View Cherry (Class 1), Rachel McAlernon, 66.38; 4th Laura (Class 2), Cassie McMaw, 65.76; 5th Copper (Class 1), Holly Hanvey, 65.74; 6th Hightown Blooming Heather & Johnny (Class 1), Alice Lutton, 65.71.

Laurel View Staff/Livery Competition

Calculated using average scores throughout league

1st Casper (Class 2) & Marvin (Class 3), Katie Watt, 72.99; 2nd Chance (Class 2), Sarah Cuthbertson, 68.46; 3rd Brian & Lily (Class 1) & Charlie (Class 2), Hannah Kernohan, 68.34; 4th Patrick (Class 3), Sophie Laverick, 67.31; 5th Ossie Man (Classes 1 & 3), Alara Terak, 66.35; 6th Briar Rose (Class 1), Katelyn Evans, 64.71.