Virtual Charity Dressage 2020

A first for Laurel View a virtual dressage show – but with Covid 19 reaking havoc on “normal” life we wanted to find a way to run our annual charity fundraising dressage show.

Aware NI has an established network of 23 support groups in rural and urban areas across the country, which are run by trained volunteers. Support groups welcome people with depression and bipolar disorder as well as carers for people with the illness. They also deliver Information Outreach sessions and attend community events to give more information about AWARE and its services. AWARE deliver mental health and well being programmes into communities, schools, colleges, universities and workplaces. These programmes include a suite of Mood Matters programmes, Living Life to the Full, Mental Health First Aid and Mindfulness. #HomeAndAWARE is about coming together while staying apart at home to improve your mood and feeling of wellbeing whilst also helping to raise awareness about mental health and vital funds that will help AWARE to continue to support the many people in Northern Ireland that are struggling with their mental health. For more information visit:

On behalf of everyone at Laurel View we would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support of our Virtual Charity Dressage Competition. Your support of this incredible charity has raised the fantastic sum of £760.

Thank you to our ridden dressage judge, Martina McKinley for so generously giving of your time to carry out this virtual dressage judging, definitely not an easy task but yet you managed to give our wonderful competitors positive and constructive feedback. 

Huge appreciation to our fantastic sponsors Doagh Farm Feeds, Dressage at Home and International and NAF for providing the prizes for those coming out on top of their class which we will get distributed to the winners over the coming days.

Lastly but by no means least, thank you to the competitors for giving it a go, being virtual we were delighted to received entries from as far away as Tipperary. Without your participation there would have been no purpose to the show. Thanks for all your entry donations and to lots of others who supported the event with their financial contribution, it has all been so gratefully received. Thank you so much.

Below are the long list of results for all the classes, the regular dressage, but also the special On Foot Freestyle and our Tiktok section. No matter where your name is on the results list, you are all winners for taking part and supporting such a worthwhile cause.

Ridden Dressage Tests listed as Coll, Score, %, Place

Class 1 – LV Intro
Sponsored by Doagh Farm Feeds
Judge – Martina McKinley
Chance, Christine Cuthbertson, 69, 160.5, 69.78, 1st
Koolstyle, Victoria McCandless, 69, 158.5, 68.91, 2nd
Solo, Skye Dawson, 68, 158.0, 68.70, 3rd
Casper, Katie Watt, 68, 157.0, 68.26, 4th
Martins Will, Donna Dawson, 67, 153.5, 66.74, 5th
Addy, Katelyn Evans, 66, 152.5, 66.30, 6th
Molly, Cate O’Neill, 65, 151.0, 65.65
Galway Girl, Amber Hopkins, 64, 149.5, 65.00
Space Invader, Leanne Adams, 64, 148.5, 64.57
Jeannie, Angela Hutchinson, 65, 148.0, 64.35
Montys Magic, Becky Woodside, 63, 145.5, 63.26
Lily, Rebecca Mullan, 62, 143.0, 62.17
Henry, Paige Erwin, 63, 142.5, 61.96
Toby, Amy-Lee Hanvey, 62, 142.5, 61.96
Harry, Joanna Tarasewicz, 61, 142.0, 61.74
Rodney, Fiona Beattie, 61, 140.0, 60.87
Ginger, Victoria Beattie, 59, 138.5, 60.22
JoJo, Rhianne McFall, 59, 136.5, 59.35
Moorland Summer Wind, Harry Woodside, 59, 134.5, 58.48
Bella, Una Kearney, 61, 130.0, 56.52

Class 2 – LV Prelim
Sponsored by NAF
Judge – Martina McKinley
Royal Sea Breeze, Alex Wallace, 73, 140.0, 73.68, 1st
Kontiki, Penny Murphy, 72, 136.5, 71.84, 2nd
SM Queen of Hearts, Shannon McNally, 71, 135.0, 71.05, 3rd
The Stalking Moon, Karen Maslen, 70, 133.5, 70.26, 4th
Queenly Women, Mary Maslen, 68, 131.0, 68.95, 5th
Chance, Sarah Cuthbertson, 68, 128.5, 67.63, 6th
Jasper, Georgia Rea, 67, 126.0, 66.32
Starlight Clover, Helena Kelly, 66, 126.0, 66.32
Jeannie, Angela Hutchinson, 65, 123.0, 64.74
Dealer, Paddy McCanny, 64, 122.0, 64.21
Puzzle, Libby Anderson, 63, 120.5, 63.42
Sugar, Anya Edwards, 62, 118.0, 62.11
Henry, Cayleigh Erwin, 62, 116.5, 61.32
Ollie, Janet Craig, 61, 115.5, 60.79
Simba, Anna McCavana, 59, 111.5, 58.68
Cindy, Zara Davis, 58, 111.0, 58.42
Raven, Niamh Morrin, 58, 110.5, 58.16
Lily, Alison Larkham, 57, 108.0, 56.84

Class 3 – LV Novice
Sponsored by Dressage at Home and International
Judge – Martina McKinley
Rennie, Laura Wilson, 70, 208.0, 69.33, 1st
Ebony, Penny Murphy, 68, 203.5, 67.83, 2nd
Bertie, Laura Wilson, 66, 196.0, 65.33, 3rd
Moo, Olivia Courtney, 65, 195.5, 65.17, 4th
Grace, Cate O’Neill, 64, 191.0, 63.67, 5th
Vechtress, Sandrine Gunst, 60, 180.5, 60.17, 6th
Christy, Orlaith Ruddy, 56, 159.0, 53.00

Class 4 – On Foot Freestyle
Sponsored by Laurel View Equestrian Centre
1st Ellen McGinley; 2nd Ashley Wray; 3rd Ben Shanks; 4th Joanna Tarasewicz with Harry & Ivy.

Class 5 – Tiktok
Sponsored by Laurel View Equestrian Centre
1st Nicole Peoples and Forest Flash; 2nd Paige Erwin and Bobo; 3rd Cayleigh Erwin and Henry, 4th Georgia Rea with Jasper and Harper; 5th Isla Aldworth, Cheyenne; 6th Stephanie Wray.

Fancy Dress
Sponsored by Laurel View Equestrian Centre
Our favourite fancy dress costumes were Rhianne McFall on JoJo as Jessie and Bullseye and Libby Anderson, The Moo Cow, on Puzzle!