Summer 2012 Dressage League Results

Well it has definitely not been a great summer, but we have certainly had a great league of Dressage this summer.

Class 1 – Walk/Trot

1st Pearson Royal Velvet, Lucy Toombs, 200.00

2nd Sha Khan, Joy Heggarty, 196.53

3rd Ceili, Mick Hanvey, 182.18

Class 2 – Newcomers

1st Ollie, Sophie Williams, 217.03

2nd Belle, Katrina Preston, 209.27

3rd Bits and Pieces, Jacqui Jennings, 208.38

4th Ralph, Dawn McKeown, 205.03

5th Fitz, Diane Sefton, 204.11

6th Star, Kerry Taylor, 200.24

Class 3 – Prelim

1st, Clueso, Shelley McFarlane, 201.91

2nd, Keep a Secret, Roma Oakes, 200.56

3rd, Furisto Seven For a Secret, Jill Hobson, 197.23

4th, Risk It Rebel, Amy Neill, 188.25

5th, Guinness, Abi Gill, 187.95

6th, Buster, Jacqui Lewis, 185.25

Class 4 – Prelim

1st Ludovik K, Jill Hobson, 203.87

2nd Furisto Seven For a Secret, Jill Hobson, 197.35

3rd Risk It Rebel, Amy Neill, 184.66

4th Keep a Secret, Roma Oakes, 173.22

5th Mika, Amanda Speers, 162.75

Class 5 – Novice

No finalists forward 🙁

Class 6 – Open

1st Isaac (Elem), Allan Dewhurst, 212.97

2nd Orchard Affair (Novice), Erin Faloona , 211.02

3rd Orchard Affair (Elem), Erin Faloona , 205.44

4th Ardenza Sally (Med), Elaine Morrow, 196.61

5th Isaac (Med), Allan Dewhurst, 192.28

6th Duke (Med), Jennifer Howes, 189.55

Riding School Competiton (calculated by average)

1st LV Tally (Class 2), Emma Anderson, 68.28

2nd LV Marley (Class 1), Christine Smyth, 66.84

3rd LV Sparky (Class 1), Holly McKeown, 65.69

4th LV Bridget (Class 2), Diane Sefton, 64.52

5th LV Bob (Class 1), Lauren Hill, 61.24

Where you in the running today?  Click on the qualifying results below to see how you ranked.

Dressage League Qualifying Results