Show Jumping Points League (4 of 12)

Another excellent Wednesday evening jumping on 26th October, with the biggest turnout to date moving through at a decent rate.  The following folk all picked up rosettes for their efforts and have notched up a few more points towards their league total.

Results 26.10.11

40cms: 1st Cupid, Fiona Tiffney; 2nd Laurel View Bob, Emma Burns; 3rd Laurel View Sparky, Holly McKeown; 4th Laurel View Tyson, Emma Anderson; 5th Busby, Alex Murphy; 6th Laurel View Marley, Amanda Davison.

60cms: 1st Inishcara, Zena Martin; 2nd Mister Darcy, Amy Neill; 3rd Tinker, Joshua Boyles; 4th Blue, Connie Jordan; 5th Mickey Mouse, Eva McClurg; 6th Star, Kerry Taylor.

70cms: 1st Polo, Sam Ewing; 2nd Sweet Berry, Robyn Coulter; 3rd Flash, Sam Ewing; 4th Biscuit, Rachel McGookin; 5th Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 6th Mr Big, Charlie Jewiss.

80cms: 1st Biscuit, Rachel McGookin; 2nd What A Wizard, Simon Wylie; 3rd Colours R Us, Mimi Joffroy; 4th Hector, Alice Agnew; 5th Paul, Stehanie Farren; 6th Flash, Sam Ewing.

90cms:1st Diamond, Alan Cole; 2nd Hector, Alice Agnew; 3rd Rosie, Eimear White; 4th Mr Merlin, Charlie Jewiss.

1m: 1st Inishcara, Alan Martin; 2nd Diamond, Alan Cole.

With 8 more competitions to go there is still plenty of time to qualify for the league prizes, (5 competitions prior to the final) the competition starts every Wednesday evening at 6pm with the 40cm.