Derby League (1 of 4) – 16.10.11

Just the right amount of twists and turns made the Indoor Derby Competition at Laurel View great fun for competitors and spectators alike on Sunday 16th October.

With a super clear round Cheeky Charlie and Demi Blair were the clear winners of the 60cm Derby class.  Helen Gage on Laurel View took second after picking up 4 faults.  While a jump off decided that Andrew Clark and Annie had the edge on Amy Neill and Mister Darcy.

In the 70cm five contestants cleared the course making for an exiting jump off.  Under pressure it was Lesley Wilson on Lyleview Martell that had the quickest clear in the jump off to take the title from Paula McIlwrath and Foxi.

The 85cm class was also a real corker with Sarah Cuthbertson and Chance ultimately taking 1st place, with a clean set of heels in the jump off. 4 faults in the jump off took Julia Lyttle and Zora Azoo into 2nd place.

There was no let up in the action in the metre class.  Lucca Stubbington and Charlie had the only clear round, so scored first place.  With two on 4 faults a jump off between Sharon Riddell and Ziggy and Joseph Evans on ICB All Carrick Diamond brought the day to an exciting conclusion.

£2 from each entry is making sure the prize fund is stacking up nicely.  Competitors only need 1 pre final entry to qualify to compete for a stash of the cash.  The next opportunity to qualify is on Sunday 30th October, so close to Halloween there are sure to be a few spooky surprises to make things even more interesting!  If you are too busy trick or treating then don’t worry you can still come along on Sunday 13th November.  The final is in the schedule for Sunday 27th November, remember you have got to be in it to win it!  All the Derby competitions have a pleasant 12 noon start with the 60cm.

Regular photographer Tom from Equi-Tog was clicking away to catch all the action as it happened.

As always you can find out more about the Derby League or any other Laurel View activities on or give the office a bell on 028 9083 0649.  If you are already following us on you will know these results already!

Results – 16.10.11

Derby (1 of 4)

60cms – 1st Cheeky Charlie, Demi Blair; 2nd Laurel View Rab, Helen Gage; 3rd Annie, Andrew Clark; 4th Mister Darcy, Amy Neill; 5th Laurel View Bruno, Lydia Braniff.

70cms – 1st Lyleview Martell, Lesley Wilson; 2nd Foxi, Paula McIlwrath; 3rd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 4th General Impression, Debra Geddis; 5th Belle, Sharon Manderson; 6th The Last Taboo, Alex Campbell.

85cms – 1st Chance, Sarah Cuthbertson; 2nd Zora Azoo, Julia Lyttle; 3rd Miss Tinker, Simone Duffy; 4th Mr Woody, John Barron; 5th Logan’s Leap, Jamie Lee Reid; 6th Bonnie Hill, John Reid.

1m – 1st Charlie, Lucca Stubbington; 2nd Ziggy, Sharon Riddell; 3rd ICB All Carrick Diamond, Joseph Evans; 4th Mister Woody, John Barron; 5th Oliver, Lucca Stubbington; 6th Floss, John Reid.