Show Jumping League (2 of 12) – 9.10.13

Another Wednesday and another set of results from the weekly show jumping.  Great nights craic, especially with some of the riders making their jumping debut at this evenings competition, keep it coming guys! Plenty more opportunities between now and the end of this league, each and every Wednesday evening from 6pm at Laurel View. 🙂


Show Jumping (2 of 12) – 9.10.13



1st Sally, Jordan Magill; 2nd Ajay, Lauren Hill; 3rd Tyson, Darci Harbinson; 4th Laurel View Guinness, Penny Richmond; 5th Lucy, Fiona Craig; 6th Henry, Annmarie Scott.



1st Chief, Cora McNulty; 2nd Shiraz, Lauren Court; 3rd Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley; 4th Sally, Jordan Magill; 5th Bell, Margo McClure.



1st Peter, Jousha Boyles; 2nd Skye, Sophie Galloway; 3rd Sally, Jordan Magill; 4th Thizbee, Megan Ingram; 5th Addy, Sophie McGuckin; 6th Laurel View Johnny, Kathy Morrison.



1st Thizbee, Megan Ingram; 2nd Skye, Sophie Galloway; 3rd Peter, Joshua Boyles; 4th Bella, Edana Butler; 5th Laurel View Tinker, Claire Gilchrist; 6th Buddy, Amy Jenkins.



No competitors forward.