Inter Venue Show Jumping – 13.10.13

The Laurel View leg of the current Inter Venue league took place on Sunday 13th October, in the large indoor, allowing everyone present to escape from the distinct nip in the air.  We have certainly had busier days, but all present put in fine performances and a very pleasant, relaxed show jumping day was had.


Class 70cm

1st Spice, Paula McIlwrath; 2nd Comets Pride, Helen Hoffin; 3rd Inca, Leeann Radcliffe; 4th Jimmy Choo, Roberta Bradbury; 5th Silken Aura, Solveig Simms.


Class 80cm

1st Comets Pride, Helen Hoffin; 2nd Spice, Paula McIlwrath; 3rd Silken Aura, Solveig Simms; 4th Holly, Jill Stewart; 5th Loughview Clover Jones, Tracey Lockhart; 6th Inca, Leeann Radcliffe.


Class 90cm

1st Loughview Clover Jones, Tracey Lockhart; 2nd Marvin the Martian, Kerry Taylor; 3rd Pattons Cruise, Laraine Redmond; 4th Rickamore Girl, Eimear White.


Class 1m

1st Marvin the Martian, Kerry Taylor.


Class 1.1m

1st Sylvester, Carine Fullerton.


Class 1.2m

1st Sylvester, Carine Fullerton.