Show Jumping League (1 of 12) – 2.10.13

The Wednesday evening jumping got underway again on the first Wednesday in October, with a great turnout of folk, particularly for the first few classes.  These folk are getting in nice and early with racking up the points to go towards the league table, but with 12 weeks in total, there is still plenty of time to get your name on the leader board 🙂 




Show Jumping (1 of 12) – 2.10.13



1st Laurel View Guinness, Penny Richmond; 2nd Ajay, Lauren Hill; 3rd Tyson, Darci Harbinson; 4th Laurel View Keady, Carlan Mowbray; 5th Laurel View Roly, Holly McKeown.



1st Chief, Cora McNulty; 2nd Silver, Savannah Thompson; 3rd Laurel View Kate, Rachael Ferguson; 4th Henry, Emma McLean; 5th Laurel View Johnny, Kathy Morrison.



1st Thizbee, Megan Ingram; 2nd Skye, Sophie Galloway; 3rd Peter, Joshua Boyles; 4th Darcy, Laura McKay; 5th Buddy, Aimee Jenkins; 6th Fitzpatrick, Christine Cuthbertson.



1st Chloe, Lauren Fleming; 2nd Melton, Lauren Court; 3rd Rosie, Emma McLean; 4th Dino, Kirsty Marsden; 5th Bella Boo, Sasha Wilson; 6th Peter, Joshua Boyles.



1st Mikey, Amy Wilson; 2nd Bella Boo, Sasha Wilson; 3rd Jumping Jamie, Victoria Minford.