Outdoor Derby League (5 of 5) – 22.9.13

Outdoor Laurel View Derby Action


The final of the Outdoor Derby League took place at Laurel View on Sunday 22nd September. It was a fine day to finish the league out in the open; competitors came from round and about to tackle the twists and turns of the derby course.


Over the 60cm Megan Norton and Hatti rode a lovely clear round to secure them first in the class and first in the league. Danny ridden by Helen Faulkner was not far behind with 4 faults.


To decide the rosette order in the seventies jump offs were needed. With clear rounds over the full course it came down to speed to earn Lucy Stewart and Chardonnay, the red rosette ahead of Aleisha and Erin Faloona.  This position also earned Lucy and Chardonnay the top league prize monies for the class.


A good strong 85cm, but none of the competitors were league qualifiers, so the only rosettes to compete for were the class ones. After jumping off against Sylvester and Erin Faloona, a clear lap gave Alfie and Alex Gordon the top spot.


Alex Gordon and Sox were the only clear pairing over the metre course, with Schuey and Rachel Black competing against Alfie and Keely McLarnon for the blue ribbon in the jump off.  But as the only league qualifier forward, Keely and Alfie were no doubt pleased to take home the metre league prize fund.

Through the winter months, the Derby moves to the relative warmth of the indoor arenas, with the first leg of the league on the calendar for 1st December, what’s the chances that there might be a festive theme to the decorations?   


Derby (5 of 5)



60cm – 1st Hatti, Megan Norton; 2nd Danny, Helen Faulkner; 3rd Beauty, Christine Hagan; 4th Addy, Sophie McGuckin.


70cm – 1st Chardonnay, Lucy Stewart; 2nd Aleisha, Erin Faloona; 3rd Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson; 4th Spice, Paula McIlwrath; 5th Phillip, Emma Fleming; 6th Diago, Nuala McNally.


85cm – 1st Alfie, Alex Gordon; 2nd Sylvester, Erin Faloona; 3rd Definitely Maybe, Emma McQuilkin; 4th The Cookie Monster, Ellen Jayne Hill; 5th Jenn, Sarah Topley; 6th Jimmy Choo, Roberta Bradbury.


1m – 1st Sox, Alex Gordon; 2nd Schuey, Rachel Black; 3rd Alfie, Keely McLarnon.


Derby League


60cm League – 1st Hatti, Megan Norton; 2nd Addy, Sophie McGuckin.


70cm League – 1st Chardonnay, Lucy Stewart; 2nd Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson; 4th Addy, Sophie McGuckin.


85cm League – No qualifiers forward.


1m – 1st Alfie, Keely McLarnon.