Pounds for Points SJ League (4 of 12) – 23.10.19

There goes another week and here goes another long list of successful show jumpers. 



Show Jumping League (4 of 12)




45cm –1st Robe Archie, Bertie McCrea; 2nd Willow, Toby McCrea; 3rd Sam, Jocelyn Willis; 4th Pippa, Laura Loughlin; 5th Jupiter, Aoife Douglas; 6th Barney, Ava Karolyi.


55cm – 1st Jack, Ellen McGinley; 2nd Summer, Rhona Kelly; 3rd Ben, Rosie Graham; 4th Toby, Emma Sargent; 5th Pippa, Laura Loughlin; 6th Zuko, Mel Gibson.


60cm – 1st Viking, Arielle Allen; 2nd Johnny, Sophie Laverick; 3rd Zuko, Mel Gibson.


70cm – 1st Star Choice, Faith Black; 2nd Donnie, Megan Mullen; 3rd Jack, Sophie Laverick; 4th Duchess, Rachael Murray; 5th Rock Steady Eddie, Hollie Riddell.


80cm – 1st Titch, Amelie Moore; 2nd Willow, Ben Foster; 3rd Star, Becky McBride; 4th Rock Steady Eddie, Hollie Riddell; 5th Ben, Rebecca Mullan; 6th Charlie, Emma Davies.


90cm – 1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Pixie, Erin McCrea; 3rd Magic, Tyler Houston; 4th Whisper, Nikita Kidd; 5th Mulla, Tyler Houston; 6th Feirin, Holly Ross.


1m – 1st Pixie, Erin McCrea; 2nd Mulla, Tyler Houston; 3rd Magic, Tyler Houston.