Pounds for Points SJ League (3 of 12) – 16.10.19

Quarter way mark already, surely their is a time thief at work!!

Here are the results from another very competitive night of jumping. Excellent work everyone and thank you for the support.



Show Jumping League (3 of 12)




45cm –1st Robe Archie, Bertie McCrea; 2nd Pippa, Laura Loughlin; 3rd Barney, Ava Karolyi; 4th Toby, Emma Sargent; 5th Keady, Aoife Hamill; 6th Zahra, Rio McDonnell.


55cm – 1st Viking, Arielle Allen; 2nd Cha Cha, Tabitha Allen; 3rd Pippa, Laura Loughlin; 4th Jack, Ellen McGinley; 5th Tabs, Jen Hamill; 6th Rab, Helen Gage.


60cm – 1st Viking, Arielle Allen; 2nd  Johnny, Sophie Laverick; 3rd Cha Cha, Tabitha Allen; 4th Brian, Tori O’Hara.


70cm – 1st Star Choice, Faith Black; 2nd Donnie, Megan Mullen; 3rd Ben, Rebecca Mullan; 4th Jack, Sophie Laverick.


80cm – 1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Titch, Amelie Moore; 3rd Rusty, Katie Flanagan; 4th Star, Becky McBride; 5th Charlie, Emma Davies; 6th Oz, Luca Moore.


90cm – 1st Pixie, Erin McCrea; 2nd Mo, Natasha Degnan; 3rd tie Pippa, Cora McNulty and Oz, Luca Moore.


1m – 1st Pixie, Erin McCrea.