Pounds for Points Show Jumping (5 of 12) – 31.10.18

Halloween night, a couple of witches spotted in the shop and the odd pumpkin kicking around, but the Halloween ghouls have not creeped out to the show jumping course just yet. We will leave that spooky experience until Sundays Halloween Show!

Fifth night of the winter league and lots of superb jumping on display. Who was on the winners list tonight? Read on, where all will be revealed. But who all are clocking up the clear round points, the most crucial factor in the Pounds for Points Show Jumping Leagues? The league continues right up until the final on 19th December. All those who have jumped the same combo, over the same course height at least 6 times (1 of which to be the final) will have their points tallied and converted. Don’t miss out on this extra cash for Christmas, keep on coming to the Wednesday evening jumping at Laurel View 🙂 



Show Jumping League (5 of 12)




45cm –1st Harry, Annie Morrow; 2nd Rab, Helen Gage; 3rd Keady, Rosie Hawthorne; 4th Simba, Anna McCavana; 5th Vechtress, Amber Kirkwood; 6th Rocky, Matthew Morton.


55cm – 1st Guinness, Emma Sargent; 2nd Harry, Annie Morrow; 3rd Laura, Finn Doherty; 4th Rocky, Matthew Morton.


60cm – 1st Jolene, Grace Morton; 2nd Poppy, Hannah Robinson; 3rd Freckles, Jack Morrow.


70cm – 1st Freckles, Jack Morrow; 2nd Jolene, Grace Morton; 3rd Joni, Megan Carville.


80cm – 1st Percy, Tyler Houston; 2nd Joni, Megan Carville; 3rd Woodrow Rosewood, Erin McCrea; 4th Cindy, Zara Davis; 5th Summer, Stephanie Fox.


90cm – 1st Percy, Tyler Houston; 2nd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 3rd Woodrow Rosewood, Erin McCrea; 4th Katie, Benjamin Gilmore; 5th Sally, Katie-Lee Houston; 6th Duke, Katie-Lee Houston.


1m – 1st King, Rocco Cairns; 2nd Katie, Jessica McConnell; 3rd Sally, Steven Wilson.


1.10m – 1st King, Rocco Cairns.