Halloween Show – 4.11.18

Witches, skeletons, werewolves and some other pretty unusual characters were all spotted supporting the Laurel View Halloween Show. Thanks to everyone for coming along to support this show, you all helped create a spookily warm and competitive atmosphere. Plenty of not too scary fun around the witches and ghouls in the obstacle course and then navigating a course over the show jumps avoiding the beasts, werewolves and Equi-Tog photographer!!!

Whooooooo were the winners?

Read on if you dare.


Obstacle Course


Class 1 – Lead Rein

1st Stellar, Isla Hanna; 2nd Boba, Harvey Ross; 3rd Matilda, Ana Goodrich; 4th Teddy, Imogen Hillis; 5th Millie, Jaden Farren; 6th Connie, Hannah Kernohan.


Class 2 – Unassisted – rider under 13 years

1st Sparky, Alice Jones; 2nd Henry, Cayleigh Erwin; 3rd Guinness, Abbie Clarke; 4th Tinks, Mark Ross; 5th Sparky, Saffron Murphy; 6th Roly, Neva Yildiz.


Class 3 – Unassisted – rider 13 years & over.

1st Luke, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 2nd Sha Khan, Holly McKeown; 3rd Heidi, Kodie Clarke; 4th Addy, Katelyn Evans; 5th Tyson, Corado Mullan; 6th Tyson, Tasha McClean.


Show Jumping


Class 4 – Cross poles

1st tie Connie, Hannah Kernohan and Lass, Ella McKay; 2nd Bobo, Paige Erwin; 3rd Babe, Lily Brown; 4th Stellar, Isla Hanna; 5th Chance, Faith Stitt-Gray; 6th Matilda, Ana Goodrich.


Class 5 – 30cm

1st Daisy, Fergus Lowry; 2nd Bobo, Cayleigh Erwin; 3rd Thunder, Beth McCluskey; 4th Rab, Holly Hamill; 5th Toby, Alex Moore; 6th tie Boba, Harvey Ross; Teddy, Imogen Hillis and Sugar, Ross Magill.


Class 6a – 45cm

1st Daisy, Fergus Lowry; 2nd American Dream, Jersey Magill; 3rd Rab, Helen Gage; 4th Barney, Rebecca Braniff; 5th Bruno, Emme Morrison; 6th Touch of Grace, Jersey Magill.


Class 6b – 45cm assisted

1st Teddy, Imogen Hillis; 2nd Sugar, Ross Magill.


Class 7 – 55cm

1st Daisy, Fergus Lowry; 2nd Guinness, Emma Sargent; 3rd  Touch of Grace, Jersey Magill; 4th Cindy, Holly Hanvey; 5th Heidi, Kodie Clarke; 6th Luke, Amy-Lee Hanvey.


Class 8 – 60cm

1st American Dream, Jersey Magill; 2nd Touch of Grace, Jersey Magill; 3rd Teddy, Shannon McNally; 4th Quincy, Shannon McNally; 5th Harvey, Rachel Alexander; 6th Henry, Cayleigh Erwin.


Class 9 – 70cm

1st Monty, Faith Black; 2nd Quincy, Shannon McNally; 3rd American Dream, Jersey Magill; 4th Heidi, Kodie Clarke.


Fancy Dress


Cutest Couple

Mr & Mrs Skeleton, Jaden Farren on Millie and Isla Hanna on Stellar.


Best Combination

The Ghosthunters, Josh, Steph and Monty Dodds.


1st Rainbow Dash, Lily Brown & Babe; 2nd Ron & Hermione from Harry Potter, Teddy & Imogen Hillis; 3rd Mini Skeleton, Jessica Simms & Emerald.