Pounds for Points Show Jumping (3 of 8) – 22.3.17

Winter was definitely visiting Laurel View this evening, which I’m sure made it very tempting to stay at home at the fireside. But all the same, our competitors braved the elements to come along to compete, the Laurel View team really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again soon when hopefully Spring has won over Winter.

A round of applause for everyone taking part and this is what the results looked like.



Show Jumping League (3 of 8)




45cm –1st Rab, Frances McLaughlin; 2nd Sparky, Finn Doherty.


55cm –1st William, Grace Handcock; 2nd Rab, Holly Hanvey; 3rd Marley, Jessica McClelland.


60cm – 1st May, Katelyn Irvine; 2nd Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford; 3rd Lily, Kai McAllister; 4th Silver, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 5th R.S.B., Alex Wallace.


70cm – 1st Lily, Kai McAllister; 2nd Matilda, Katelyn Irvine; 3rd Annie, Stephanie Farren; 4th R.S.B., Alex Wallace.


80cm – 1st Matilda, Katelyn Irvine.


90cm – 1st Billy, Rebecca McWhinney.