Pounds for Points Show Jumping (2 of 8) – 15.3.17

Another fairly quiet night, but some great performances and a loads of good efforts resulted in the following placings.



Show Jumping League (2 of 8)




45cm –1st Keady, Ashley Wray; 2nd Rab, Frances McLaughlin.


55cm –1st William, Grace Handcock; 2nd Rab, Holly Hanvey; 3rd Humbug, Laila Skinner; 4th Spritzer, Natalie McCullins.


60cm – 1st Matilda, Katelyn Irvine; 2nd Jonathan, Natasha Lowry; 3rd R.S.B., Alex Wallace; 4th Spritzer, Natalie McCullins; 5th Guinness, Amy-Lee Hanvey.


70cm – 1st Cindy, Zara Davis; 2nd Matilda, Katelyn Irvine; 3rd Alfie, Louise Beggs; 4th Annie, Stephanie Farren.


80cm – 1st Kate, Natasha Lowry.


90cm – 1st Billy, Rebecca McWhinney; 2nd Sky, Rocco Cairns.