Outdoor Derby League (3 of 5) – 21.7.13

The 21st of July saw the Laurel View Summer Derby league once again on the all-weather surface, not this time because of soggy ground conditions, but because the ground was way too hard after the very unusual but enjoyable hot spell.  Thank goodness for options allowing the derby fun to continue in the sun.


First off the starting blocks was the 60cm class, with none of the competitors faultless. All the same a jump off was required to sort the top competitors with Megan Norton and Hatti, whizzing over the fences clean and quick when it mattered to score a red rosette, then picking up their first blue of the day were Jillian Bearns and Bobtale Boy.


With the temperature and fences rising it was on to the 70cm class.  This time quite a number of the competitors took the twists and turns of the course in their stride to go clear, then it was mainly down to speed in the jump off to decide the rosette order. This time it was Lucy Stewart and Chardonnay that pipped Bobtale Boy and Jillian Bearns to the post.


Eagerly on to the 85cm and only Edana Butler and Bella managed to go clear over the course earning them the red rosette. So then it was into the arena again for the jump off for the battle for blue and it was Rio and Emma Allen that kept the pedal to the board to take the second spot.


Over the metre course, jump offs were not required as the riders faults determined their final position, with the sun still burning down it was no wonder that horses and riders seemed to be flagging.  The top spot over the metre went to Keely McLarnon and Alfie, with Laura Warde and Wendy a fence fault behind in second.


Since this competition precipitation has reappeared with a vengeance, so at this point it is still hard to tell were the next leg of the derby league will take place on the 11th August, but keep an eye on facebook/laurelview or give us a ring (028 9083 0649) to check whether or not there will be green grass in the Equi-Tog photographs then.  The final on the 22nd September will soon come round, when the placings on the day will matter most as the colour of the rosette will determine the cash won from the class prize fund.



Derby (3 of 5)



60cm – 1st Hatti, Megan Norton; 2nd Bobtale Boy, Jillian Bearns; 3rd Alicia, Erin Faloona.


70cm – 1st Chardonnay, Lucy Stewart; 2nd Bobtale Boy, Jillian Bearns; 3rd Diego, Nuala McNally; 4th Sunita, Emma Allen; 5th Definitely Maybe, Emma McQuilkin; 6th Holly, Jill Stewart.


85cm – 1st Bella, Edana Butler; 2nd Rio, Emma Allen; 3rd Cassie, Bronagh Reid; 4th Hugo, Laura Manson; 5th Harry, Ian Wilson ; 6th Archie, John Reid.


1m – 1st Alfie, Keely McLarnon; 2nd Wendy, Laura Warde.