Outdoor Derby League (2 of 5) – 30.6.13

The 60cm was a bit of a slow start for the Laurel View Derby competition on the last day of June but plenty of fun for the competitors all the same, Nuala McNally and Diego, showed a clean pair of heels to secure 1st place, while Ewan Hall on Sinetta picked up a few faults but were well still well pleased with 2nd place.


There was a lot more action over the 70cm course, but not all of it as the course designer had planned!  Jump offs were necessary to sort out all the placings and a good clean performance followed by a quick clean jump off secured Penny and Katie McClay the number one spot.  The pressure of the jump off left Jill Stewart and Polly with four faults and second place just a shade faster and thus ahead of Jacqui Lewis and Moo in third.


The adrenaline was kept on overdrive for the 85cm course and the inevitable jump offs that decided that the red rosette belonged to Kat Butler and Spinner. Rachel Lambe and Ducky were going well until fence four in the jump off which earned them the blue rosette on the day. My Blue Eyed Boy and Brooke Ronan just missed out on the blue rosette when they were a fraction slower in the jump off.


The metre competitors were in fine form with none of the competitors putting a hoof wrong over the course.  In the end the top three ribbons were just determined by time over the jump off, Nuala McNally took home her second red of the day when she and Song of Charm sped into first place, while Rebecca McCallion and Murphy were just a shade slower in second, leaving a third rosette for Shauna O’Connell and Huffle Puff.


The midway point for the league was Sunday 21st July with the next competition on the calendar for 11th August, climaxing with the final on 22nd September.


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Derby League (2 of 5)



60cms – 1st Diego, Nuala McNally; 2nd Sinetta, Ewan Hall.


70cms – 1st Penny, Katie McClay; 2nd Polly, Jill Stewart; 3rd Moo, Jacqui Lewis; 4th Brandy, Lois Larmour; 5th Rio, Emma Allen; 6th Chardonnay, Lucy Stewart.


85cms – 1st Spinner, Kat Butler; 2nd Ducky, Rachael Lambe; 3rd My Blue Eyed Boy, Brooke Ronan; 4th Sylvester, Erin Faloona; 5th Rio, Emma Allen; 6th Brandy, Lois Larmour.


1m – 1st Song Of Charm, Nuala McNally; 2nd Murphy, Rebecca McCallion; 3rd Huffle Puff, Shauna O’Connell; 4th Goldie, Harold Megahey.