10-10-21  Winter Dressage League (1 of 6) – 10.10.21
Well that is the winter league of to a cracking start (although I could have done without the crackles coming from our modem plug just when things started to get busy this morning, thankfully a substitute was found and power to vital internet and card machine was restored before I melted down completely!!!) Anyhow apparently […]
08-10-21  Charity Dressage Show – 12.12.21
Charity Dressage Show on Sunday 12th December 2021 doubles up as the 3rd leg of the Winter Dressage League. Entries open right up until noon on Thursday 9th December. So check out the schedule to see what you can enter to support this extremely worthwhile charity. A big shout out to our fabulous sponsors Doagh […]
08-10-21  Winter Dressage League (2 of 6) – 21.11.21
Next up in the Winter Dressage League is the November leg on Sunday 21st. Here are the tests on the schedule. Class 1: BD Intro B (09)                             Class 2: BD Prelim 2 (16) Class 3: BD Prelim 7 (02)                    Class 4: BD Prelim 15 (08)                       Class 5: BD Nov 23 (12)                      Class 6: […]
08-10-21  Winter Dressage League (1 of 6) – 10.10.21
Slight delay on getting these posted as our website had went down, but our website hosts were very efficient and sorted the problem quickly. So below you will now find the times for Sunday, check them out and let us know if you have any problems with your time(s). If you need to cancel, please […]
12-09-21  Summer 2021 Dressage League Results
When all the scores of this superb summer league were totted up this is what the league results look like. A massive virtual round of applause to all the winners listed.  League Class Results Classes 1 – 6 decided by Best score + Final score Class 1 – Intro 1st Casper, Katie Watt, 147.83; 2nd […]
12-09-21  Summer Dressage League (4 of 4) – 12.9.21
Another busy dressage day at Laurel View with an excellent crowd of competitors once more. We are so grateful for the continued support and hope that you know we really appreciate it. When we look through the Equi-Tog photos after a competition we are pleased to see so many smiling faces. Huge appreciation off course […]
11-09-21  Winter Dressage League (1 of 6) – 10.10.21
Yes Winter is coming, but hopefully a bit of dressage will help brighten those winter days. First leg of the winter 2021/22 is scheduled for Sunday 10th October. Below are the tests for this date. We would love to have you join us, so why not send your entries through via email to laurelview01@btinternet.com or […]
10-09-21  Summer Dressage League (4 of 4) – 12.9.21
Please check your times for Sunday and let us know if there is a clash or problem. We never mind if competitors need to cancel, we just really appreciate getting as much notice as possible if you can no longer make it for whatever reason.  Once again we are running the tests in the two […]
29-08-21  Winter Dressage League (1 of 6) – 10.10.21
Advance notice of the first half of the Laurel View Winter Dressage Dates for your diary. 10th October, 21st November & 12th December. *2022 dates to follow*
22-08-21  Summer Dressage League (4 of 4) – 12.9.21
Summer has really sped past this year as already the entries are open for the final of the Summer Dressage League, which is scheduled for Sunday 12th September. Remember to qualify to compete for the league final prizes you only need to have competed once already at Laurel View this Summer, as the League places […]