20-11-19  Pounds for Points SJ League (8 of 12) – 20.11.19
Brrrr!!! Another nasty November day, turned into a dark disgusting evening very early on the 20th November. But still determined competitors made their way to Laurel View for the Wednesday evening jumping and the following came out at the top of their classes. Thanks to everyone for their support and to all the Laurel View […]
17-11-19  Laurel View Christmas Cracker Show – 22.12.19
As promised here is the Christmas Cracker Show schedule. Ho ho ho!!! 🙂 Hope you find time for some equestrian fun and games in amongst all the chaos.
17-11-19  Pounds for Points SJ League (7 of 12) – 13.11.19
A wet and blustery Wednesday night didn’t keep the following winners and more away from competing at Laurel View show jumping. At least it is comparatively warm in the indoor arenas. Congratulations to everyone taking home rosettes and for those that things maybe didn’t all go the right way on the night, well done for […]
17-11-19  Pounds for Points SJ League (8 of 12) – 20.11.19
Wow time is racing round to another Wednesday night of show jumping starting once again at 6pm with 45cm, then shifts up a gear to 55cm. In with the spreads at 60cm, then notching it up through 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and a metre.  All welcome to come warm up and compete in the Laurel View […]
17-11-19  Winter Dressage League (3 of 6) – 15.12.19
Hopefully you have time for some dressage in December at Laurel View. These are the tests on the schedule for the third leg of the Winter 19/20 Dressage League. Entries as always are most welcome right up to the twelfth hour on the twelfth day of the twelfth month (12/12/19) no matter how they are […]
17-11-19  Winter Dressage League (2 of 6) – 17.11.19
A rather cold, but thankfully dry day at Laurel View for the November dressage competition. Thank you as ever to all the competitors who came from far and wide to take part, some really lovely combinations taking home highly marked score sheets. Gratitude also to all the judges for giving their time and expertise and […]
15-11-19  Winter Dressage League (2 of 6) – 17.11.19
November already halfway through and nearly time for our next Dressage competition on Sunday. Thanks to one and all for their entries, the times are listed below and hopefully the allocated times will work alright for the majority. Any problems or changes to plans please do get in touch to see if we can jiggle […]
06-11-19  Pounds for Points SJ League (7 of 12) – 13.11.19
Once again on Wednesday 13th November the show jumping starts with 45cm at 6pm, then shifts up to 55cm. Then come the spreads at 60cm, followed by the other classes in 10cm increments.  All are most welcome to come warm up and compete in the Laurel View indoor arenas. Time yet to add a few […]
06-11-19  Pounds for Points SJ League (6 of 12) – 6.11.19
November nights are here and the Wednesday evening show jumping continues. Quite a nip in the air now, but that didn’t stop the many determined competitors coming along to take part. This evenings winners are listed below. Well done, one and all. Show Jumping League (6 of 12)   6.11.19   45cm –1st Keady, Aoife […]
03-11-19  Halloween Show 3.11.19
At the 2019 Laurel View Halloween Show some looked like they had seen a ghost (possibly due to bumps in the night down a laundry chute!) others looked like they had stepped off the living dead film set and that was only the staff. Competitors both human and equine (in many different guises) navigated round […]