16-07-21  Card Machine issues!!
Please bring cash to pay for lessons or entries in case our machine is being temperamental when you are here!!
16-07-21  Summer Dressage League (2 of 4) – 18.7.21
Once again we have had a fabulous number of entries which is wonderful. Please check your times for Sunday and let us know if there is a clash or problem. We never mind if competitors need to cancel, we just really appreciate getting as much notice as possible if you can no longer make it […]
13-07-21  Beginner Children’s Lesson spaces filled!
UPDATE – These spaces filled incredibly quickly. We feel so bad that we cannot accommodate more of the new riders keen to join, but we must not overwork our wonderful horses and ponies, as we cannot do anything without them 🙁 We will post on our Facebook page, when spaces become free, as riders progress […]
20-06-21  Summer Dressage League (2 of 4) – 18.7.21
Next chance to compete in the Laurel View Summer League is on Sunday 18th July. Here are all the tests to choose from. Entries are already open and will remain open until noon on Thursday 15th July. Send them through by whatever medium you prefer. The email address you might need is laurelview01@btinternet.com and if […]
20-06-21  Summer Dressage League (1 of 4) – 20.6.21
Well that was a totally splendid start to the Summer Dressage League. Lovely weather and an astonishing amount of entries. Thank you to each and everyone for your support it really is appreciated. Judges and scribes huge thanks for coping with the huge entries, hopefully you aren’t suffering any lasting eye or hand strain.  Great […]
18-06-21  Summer Dressage League (1 of 4) – 20.6.21
Sunday 20th June and the start of the Summer Dressage League, seems like only a few weeks ago since the Winter League finished!!! We have been totally blown away by the entries for this competition. So many that I have a few riders waiting on a reserve list to see if they too can be […]
10-06-21  Yvette Truesdale Flatwork Clinic
Delighted to say that Yvette Truesdale is returning for her popular flatwork clinic again at Laurel View on Sunday 27th June. All enquiries and bookings for this clinic should be made through Norma on 07831 141269 at your earliest opportunity. As is now the norm we ask that all participants are aware of and abide […]
01-06-21  Special Dressage League Results
Drum roll please for the wonderful winners of our special classes for our Laurel View Riding School competitors, Liveries and Staff. These have been calculated using the average scores of any Laurel View participant who competed more than once during the 2020/2021 Winter Dressage League.  We enjoy encouraging some competition among the Laurel View riders, […]
30-05-21  Winter 20/21 Dressage League Results
The league started in October 2020, with things rather different to comply with the prevailing covid restrictions. Competition days were long with only one arena running, with us having to reluctantly cap entries to get the competition over in daylight. January and February competitions had to be cancelled and the original March final postponed as […]
30-05-21  Winter Dressage League Final – 30.5.21
So on the hottest day of the year to date Laurel View ran the final of the 2020/21 Winter Dressage League. I had hoped to post the results as I went along but brain and computer malfunctions managed to put me off track somewhat. But here we go now, with the results from a fab […]