Let’s get jumping at Laurel View

Throughout July and August eighteen Laurel View riders participated in a six week show jumping clinic on Wednesday evenings.  Lessons over the first 5 weeks on balance and rhythm round the course paid dividends when riders participated in a competition on the final night.  Hopefully the experience at the clinic will give the riders the confidence to participate in the upcoming show jumping league commencing on 5th October.

This 12 week points league will have classes for 40cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm 90cm and 1m.  Jumping will start each Wednesday evening with the 40cm at 6pm.


5.30pm group – 50cms

1st Lydia Branniff, Bruno; 2nd Emma Louise Gourley, Jeronamo; 3rd Georgia McCann, Sparky; 4th Sophie McGuckin, Peggy; 5th Christine Smyth, Marley; 6th Helen Gage, Rab.

6.30pm group – 60cms

1st Sophie Winn, Flint; 2nd Cora McNulty, Paddy; 3rd Josh Boyles, Tinker; 4th Christine Ramsey, Admiral; 5th Abi Gill, Guinness; 6th Connie Jordan, Blue.

7.30pm group – 70cms

1st Julie Coleman, Giro; 2nd Gillian Hayden, Bridget; 3rd Margo McClure, Redwood; 4th Vidette Humphries, Bridget; 5th Kerry Taylor, Star.