Laurel View 2 Phase – 28.8.11

Sunday 28th August was the date for the Laurel View 2 Phase, over a flowing course using many of the recently updated and improved jumps.

Things got underway in the morning with the adults over the 2’3” course. With the top four competitors all showing a clean set of heels around the show jumping and cross country, it was all down to who was closest to the optimum time.  The prize and honour went to Molly and Roberta Bradbury, with Big Sam and Michaela Murphy a few seconds quicker in second place.

The Under 18’s were next through the show jumping and onto the cross country, again the top three competitors did not have a blot on their scoresheets and when the time was taken into consideration it was France and Lynsey Martin that came out on top with Deakon Blue and Kara Mills taking the blue rosette.

Things moved smoothly onto Class 3 with the over 18’s going over the 2’9” course. Only two managed to finish free of faults, with Innisfree and Joanna McNamee being nearest to the time followed by Davy’s Lad ridden by Clare Liddle.

The Under 18’s faired better over the 2’9” course with the top six all romping home clear. Claiming the red rosette was Ciara Tyrell and Branchfield Silver, with Dillon and Amy Neill taking home the blue.

Onto the final class of the day the combined 3’3” time faults made the decision on Laura King and Colonel Gun taking the top spot, with Miss Betty Boop and Reah Magee in the runners up position.

A huge thank you to all the team responsible for such a great day, course builders, fence judges, runners, scorers, Equi-Tog photographer and AESCU paramedic. The weather could have been more pleasant, but at least we had no trouble with sunburn and sunstroke!


Class 1 – 2’3” Over 18

1st Molly, Roberta Bradbury; 2nd Big Sam, Michaela Murphy; 3rd Bellbrook Flyer, Sharon Manderson; 4th Teenage Kicks, Nuala McNally; 5th Ballybrack Tom, Louise Houston; 6th Podge, Jan Dewhurst.

Class 2 – 2’3” Under 18

1st France, Lynsey Martin; 2nd Deakon Blue, Kara Mills; 3rd Woody Woodpecker, Amber Vick; 4th Apache Puzzle, Katie Crozier; 5th Barney, Sarah McConkey; 6th Paddy Long Legs, Molly McLucas.

Class 3 – 2’9” Over 18

1st Innisfree, Joanna McNamee, 2nd Davy’s Lad, Clare Liddle; 3rd Wendy, Laura Warde; 4th Cherry Clover, Claire Kirkwood; 5th Gordon, Carolyn Perkins; 6th Mickey Finn, Kate McPherson.

Class 4 – 2’9” Under 18

1st Branchfield Silver, Ciara Tyrell; 2nd Dillon, Amy Neill; 3rd Donna’s Diamond, Kelsey Howe; 4th Reme, Paige Watt; 5th Silly Sally, Amy Neill; 6th Colours ‘R’ Us, Lynsey Adams.

Class 5 & 6 – 3’3”

1st Colonel Gun, Laura King; 2nd Miss Betty Boop, Reah Magee; 3rd Runaway Rebel, Christine Newton; 4th Irish Twang, Melanie Moorhead; 5th Cappuccino’s Law, Amy Griffith.